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En Why See


Tahra @calixofcoffee · 12 Sep 2018

All the #mswl I throw out are specific purely because writers have told me they find them good inspiration. So please don't take these literally/down to the letter. Maybe your book has just an element, or is similarly twisty.

Tahra @calixofcoffee · 12 Sep 2018

Super voicey, dramatic, fun, sexy (or not!) stories that feature a big, nosy, means-well-but-talks-candid Latinx family. If you grinned at that, you know just what kind of family I'm talking about. #mswl

Tahra @calixofcoffee · 12 Sep 2018

Would love to see romances/WF books featuring protagonists who aren't in their 20s/early 30s. Fixing marriages/rekindling the spark, reunited after divorce, second (or third!) chance at love with someone else, etc. Doesn't have to be dark AT ALL. #mswl

Tahra @calixofcoffee · 12 Sep 2018

Women making waves in a male-dominated industry. #mswl

Tahra @calixofcoffee · 12 Sep 2018

Domestic suspense/WF (Gone Girl, Beautiful Bad, Big Little Lies) where are the diverse voices for this? #mswl

Tahra @calixofcoffee · 10 Sep 2018

Still a-waitin' for a funny, sweet, sexy, romantic, lighthearted, happy, gloriously emotional romance featuring a bisexual heroine. Agents, help a girl out! #mswl #enemiestoloversismyweakness #orbosssecretary #etcetcetcwantitall #beenaskingfortwoyearsnowhaaaalp

Tahra @calixofcoffee · 22 Aug 2018

Also #mswl: books revolving around what easy-to-access DNA kits means. solving crimes/cold cases, finding long-lost family, finding out your family isn't actually blood, etc. WF/Rom.

Tahra @calixofcoffee · 27 Mar 2018

I follow lots of body-positive Instagram accounts & self-made makeup/style experts who are not white, who have a disability, etc. Would love to see a WF title (or romance) with these sorts of elements. #mswl