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William Morrow

Chloe Moffett @TheBookMechanic · 12 Sep 2018

#MSWL please please please @JanelleMonae will you write a novelization of Dirty Computer? or Metropolis?

Chloe Moffett @TheBookMechanic · 12 Sep 2018

#MSWL CULTS. Novels about cults, nonfiction about cults and/or the psychology behind them.

Chloe Moffett @TheBookMechanic · 12 Sep 2018

#MSWL Epic fantasy retellings / reimaginings of classic, multicultural folk lore and fairy tales, a la CITY OF BRASS or UPROOTED and SPINNING SILVER

Chloe Moffett @TheBookMechanic · 12 Sep 2018

#MSWL Beautifully written speculative or high concept fiction with a point to make, a la THE POWER or EXIT WEST

Chloe Moffett @TheBookMechanic · 22 Mar 2018

Off-season #MSWL - psychological suspense about a surrogate that explores the loss of self with pregnancy, esp. with someone else's child, and how women's bodies are used as tools apart from themselves

Chloe Moffett @TheBookMechanic · 30 Nov 2017

Marjorie Prime was a hauntingly beautiful movie - my favorite kind of sci fi, that uses a small technological device to illuminate the most human struggles we face - send me books like this! #MSWL…