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Lauren Smulski @LaurenES · 26 Feb 2018

Related to my READY PLAYER ONE tweet: Latest addition to my #MSWL is a VR-based gamer book, but less like RP1 and more like WARCROSS with a kickass female MC. Would vastly prefer an Emika Chen or Princess Shuri-type protag over Wade Watts. Where’s the stories for Art3mis & Aech?!

Lauren Smulski @LaurenES · 11 Aug 2016

#MSWL inspired by tonight's game night: YA featuring teens getting trapped in a board game! #Jumanji meets #BetrayalatHouseontheHill

Lauren Smulski @LaurenES · 26 Jul 2016

A #MSWL inspired by @cap43 today: A realistic but uplifting (maybe humorous) novel about a 20- or 30-something with crazy #studentloans.

Lauren Smulski @LaurenES · 30 Jun 2016

Super-techy futuristic YA thriller/adventure a la Agents of Shield/X-Men. Or like Dan Brown's DIGITAL FORTRESS, but for teens. #MSWL

Lauren Smulski @LaurenES · 30 Jun 2016

Adult #MSWL: Sweeping historical dramas set in any era. Sumptuous dresses, court intrigues...just no Tudors, please. #overdone

Lauren Smulski @LaurenES · 30 Jun 2016

Totally nerdy #MSWL request: Contemporary YA Shakespeare retellings, especially if it's Much Ado About Nothing. I love Beatrice & Benedick!

Lauren Smulski @LaurenES · 30 Jun 2016

Another big item for #MSWL: A realistic story told from the POV of a sober protag. w/ a family member/loved one who is an addict/alcoholic.

Lauren Smulski @LaurenES · 30 Jun 2016

#1 on my #MSWL: Guardians of the Galaxy or Star Wars for teens. Epic galaxy-crossing scifi adventure with a great ensemble cast. And aliens.

Lauren Smulski @LaurenES · 14 May 2016

Also, on my #MSWL: a book about addiction, from the POV of the loved one/family member of an addict/alcoholic.