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maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · 1 Aug 2017

Some tips for writing the most important part of your query letter. ✍🏾 #querytip…

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · 12 Jun 2017

Friendly reminder: when you attach your manuscript (or a partial) to an email, that file name should be the title of your book. #querytip

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · 5 Aug 2016

Quick #querytip: When an agent requests pages, you can make our lives so much easier by naming the document the title of your manuscript!

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · 6 Apr 2016

New on the blog this week: When It’s Time to Stop Querying Your Manuscript… #querying #querytip

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · 9 Mar 2016

Today on the blog: Why Agents Don't Often Represent Previously Self-Published Books… #writerwednesday #querytip

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · 3 Mar 2016

The 5 Questions I Ask Every Writer When I’m Considering Offering Literary Representation:… #askagent #querytip