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maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · 4 Dec 2019

KFair Writes @kfairwrites

@msmariavicente Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to NF proposals?

I'm working (& working) on my first & every agency seems to have different guidelines, which requires a lot of tailoring. I don't mind that, but it's been difficult to reach the "I'm done" phase. #askagent

Replying to @kfairwrites

I would take NF proposal advice as guidelines to follow. They always look different depending on the topic. I don't have any pet peeves, but I do think many are missing the important information on why YOU should be the one to write the book.

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · 4 Dec 2019

Kaylen Wade @kaylen_wade

@msmariavicente Why might an agent not report all their sales to Publishers Marketplace, assuming enough time has passed that it’s not a secret anymore? #askagent
Thank you!

Replying to @kaylen_wade

This is so specific to each agent, client, book. One reason might be that it’s a work-for-hire project, so while the agent may have negotiated an offer/contract, they didn’t technically “sell” the project. That’s just an example though!

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · 4 Dec 2019

Elizabeth @EliMartinsBooks

@msmariavicente @ericsmithrocks How long would you like an author to wait to follow up to a query or full request, if at all?

Replying to @EliMartinsBooks

Agency websites typically have guidelines posted for response times, especially for queries. So wait until after that. I’d wait 4-6 months to ask on an update for a full ms request.

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · 4 Dec 2019

Ian Roy @ian_roy

@msmariavicente Good morning. I've been seeing an increasing number of smaller presses acquiring titles via agents. Is this more common now? Or have I just been oblivious to this practice?

Replying to @ian_roy

It has always happened. Sometimes they’re the best fit for a book. And even though smaller pubs might accept unagented submissions, creators might want an agent to help negotiate offers, contracts, etc.

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · 4 Dec 2019

Ian Sandusky @IanSandusky

@msmariavicente Hi! Horror seems to be a seldom-listed category on most agent's lists - out of curiosity, is there a reason for it?

Replying to @IanSandusky

No reason other than personal preference, I don’t think. Some peoplw just don’t like horror.

I’ve personally noticed an increasing interest in horror. Maybe search for agents looking for “speculative” fiction rather than horror specifically?

maria vicente 🧬🐝 @msmariavicente · 23 Jan 2019

SavannahⓂ️Whitemarsh @savannah_of_7

@msmariavicente I think I’ve been pitching my novel as YA when it’s maybe MG? I’m new at this, how do I tell for sure?

How old is the protagonist? What themes are present in the book? Is the content for middle graders or high schoolers?

Your best bet is to read recent YA and MG and compare your work to them. The differences should become clear.