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Maureen Moretti @maureen_moretti · Mar 30

Darian @ 📝 @DMRudderham

What is your advice to someone looking to get into the publishing industry? #askPSLA

Replying to @DMRudderham

Do a lot of research, do some internships, get some hands on experience for what this job is. It's not for everyone and that's perfectly ok! #askPSLA

Maureen Moretti @maureen_moretti · Mar 30

Sarah LeFebvre @snlefebvre

#askPSLA Do you have advice for someone pursuing the life of a literary agent? Any tips for finding/applying to agency internships or other entry positions?

Replying to @snlefebvre

Publisher's Marketplace's free website lists internships, as well as There are a number of programs, including Columbia, NYU and Pace that offer publishing certificates to learn more. #askPSLA

Maureen Moretti @maureen_moretti · Mar 30

Angie Hawkins @th_littlebirdie

#askPSLA What is your take on unagented authors submitting to publishers while also pursuing the agent search? For example; if the opportunity came about through a summit or conference.

Replying to @th_littlebirdie

It's tough to get involved in a deal that's already in the works, however if no deal points have been discussed or contract signed it's not impossible. Ultimately I would research both avenues and see which you feel is the best for your work. #askPSLA

Maureen Moretti @maureen_moretti · Mar 30

Angie Hawkins @th_littlebirdie

#askPSLA Are all manuscript requests followed up with a reply, or is a no-response considered a “No” from the agency?

Replying to @th_littlebirdie

For PS we respond to all requested manuscripts. Every agent and agency is different though they usually spell it out in their guidelines on their website #askPSLA

Maureen Moretti @maureen_moretti · Mar 30

Alex Andersen @AEAndersen_

How much is usually added or taken out in the editing process once a book is acquired? #AskPSLA

Replying to @AEAndersen_

It really depends on the book and the market. Also the agent. Some agents are looking for really clean, polished books ready to be sent out, others are more editorial and may go through a few rounds before sending it out on submission. #askPSLA

Maureen Moretti @maureen_moretti · Mar 30

Ashley Jean @missashleyjean

#askPSLA Is it frowned upon to nudge an agent with an updated ms if they have not responded to the initial full request?

Replying to @missashleyjean

I would check their submission guidelines to see how long they typically take to respond. In my particular case, due to the way my inbox is, nudges on a request will move it further down the queue as it will show up as received sooner. Something to consider! #askPSLA

Maureen Moretti @maureen_moretti · Mar 30

Elishia @elishia_e

#askPSLA #askagent How do you think publishing is being affected by Covid-19? Do you think acquisitions will slow down? Also... are you pumped or dreading all the post-apocalyptic/dystopian fiction that’s about to flood your inboxes? 😆

Replying to @elishia_e

We haven't yet seen a slow down in acquistions, I'm hoping people continue to buy books and support independent bookstores however they can. On the second question... I'm all set with dystopian everything at the moment, my bodega is closed now. 😂😭 #askPSLA