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Writer & Story Crafter Associate Agent & Editor with The Rights Factory, Writing as Lindsay Mo (she/her/they/them) *Closed to queries*

The Rights Factory

Lindsay Mo Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · Apr 21

I really want a modern Fantasy romance. Elves and magic in University but with cell phones. #MSWL

Lindsay Mo Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · 24 Apr 2019

I've probably said this but I would DIE for a LARP romance.


Lindsay Mo Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · 12 Mar 2019

I've updated my #MSWL !

I'm looking for more romance, especially with gritty MCs or a speculative bent, Graphic Novels, Thrillers, and Horror.

Currently closed to Fantasy/Science Fiction

💜 Can't wait to read your masterpieces!

Lindsay Mo Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · 10 Jan 2019

I'd love to read a YA about two cosplayers falling in love during a competition! #MSWL

Lindsay Mo Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · 28 Dec 2018

I'd love to see an SFF with swoon-worthy romance, the kind filled with angst and stakes #MSWL

Lindsay Mo Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · 26 Sep 2018

I'd love to see some edgy New Adult romance with SFF or thriller type flair #MSWL

Lindsay Mo Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · 12 Sep 2018

For #MSWL day, I'm always looking for:

-Multidimensional, complex characters

-Settings that feel lush and real

-High, unique stakes

-Concepts that make me go "oooooh"

Lindsay Mo Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · 6 Sep 2018

I'm really REALLY looking for a YA witch series that's dark and gritty, more The Craft in a modern setting #MSWL

Lindsay Mo Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · 25 Apr 2018

I reeeally want a book about teens who game and their relationships with their fantasy world and the real world. Like a YA The Guild. #MSWL

Lindsay Mo Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · 21 Apr 2018

I want more witches in my inbox! I'm talking The Craft, urban witches dealing with real-world issues. #MSWL

Lindsay Mo Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · 31 Mar 2018

#MSWL I'd squee over a YA Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Lindsay Mo Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · 23 Mar 2018

I'd love to see a YA fantasy about a girl blacksmith #MSWL YA #MSWL

Lindsay Mo Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · 14 Sep 2017

#MSWL HORSE BOOKS! Modern Saddle Club, Nancy Drew at the stables, non-private school series.

Lindsay Mo Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · 7 Aug 2017

I would really, really love to see an #ownvoices fantasy with Saami/Sámi book #MSWL

Lindsay Mo Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · 14 Jul 2017

#MSWL Modern day Saddle Club not set at a boarding school.

Lindsay Mo Leggett @lindsayleggett_ · 31 May 2017

Modern My Side of the Mountain, Hatchet, or Island of the Blue Dolphins #mswl