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Agent at Dunham Literary. Lapsed librarian. Rapacious reader. Working writer. Member of @SCBWI & AAR.

New York, NY

Dunham Literary

Leslie Zampetti @leslie_zampetti · Sep 23

#MSWL I’d love to see some Latinx/Jewish contemporary YA... Or a retelling of Romeo & Juliet with the protagonists both devout but different religions... Or a great MG mystery that more Mo LeBeau and less Nancy Drew & ClueCrew.

Leslie Zampetti @leslie_zampetti · Jan 16

Still seeking that perfect MG mystery! Bonus points for a twist on a classic.

Leslie Zampetti @leslie_zampetti · 12 Dec 2018

Thinking of sending me your picture book biography? I prefer unconventional narratives with lots of illustration potential. 😊

Leslie Zampetti @leslie_zampetti · 12 Sep 2018

P.S. When I say I'm looking for historical fiction from little-known times and places, I mean it. World War II? Roman Empire? Western Europe? Nope, nope, and nope.

How about Africa or Polynesia? Far Eastern or South American countries pre-colonization or Western contact? #MSWL

Leslie Zampetti @leslie_zampetti · 9 Jul 2018

I would ❤️ an MG mystery/ghost story set in Cassadega, FL. #MSWL

Leslie Zampetti @leslie_zampetti · 20 Apr 2018

I would love a good mystery with a diverse detective that’s not set in another country... #MSWL