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Literary Agent @RavenLiterary . Based in StL. Reader of "dark & stormy" stories. Seeking PB - YA of all shapes & sizes. I tweet about bookish things & my dog 🐶

Saint Louis, Missouri

Raven Quill Literary Agency

Kortney Price @kortney_price · Apr 29

Hey everyone! I’ve had so many amazing #PB subs that I’ve almost filled my list w/ them! So after tomorrow (4-30) I will no longer be accepting new #PB subs. I WILL be considering EVERY query I have in my box from before that day. #mswl #amquerying

Kortney Price @kortney_price · Apr 14

In #MG I would love to see a kid's perspective living somewhere like Oak Island during the hunt for treasure. I want to see the history, the mystery, the gold, and how the kids are the ones who find it! #MSWL #amquerying #amagenting

Kortney Price @kortney_price · Apr 4

I have no idea why but suddenly I have the urge to work on a ridiculously cute YA light hearted ROYAL romance... if you have one, send it my way!! 😍👸🤴 #mswl #amquerying

Kortney Price @kortney_price · 24 Oct 2019

6) Murder
7) Cat and Mouse stories- a bad guy comes back for the one who got away type thing
8) Setting that is so vivid it's practically a character (think Serafina ATBC)
9)Ireland, Scottland, castles, swamps, etc
10) Vengeance

#mswl #amagenting #amquerying

Kortney Price @kortney_price · 11 Jul 2019

#MSWL I'm so excited to share that I'm switching up my wish list! I am no longer accepting adult manuscripts but I AM now looking for amazing picture books, early readers and chapter books along with #MG and #YA! To see more, check out my updated page! corvisieroagency.com/kortney-price.…

Kortney Price @kortney_price · 28 Jan 2019

After what seems like an eternity of editing, tweaking & rearranging, my website is FINALLY finished!! Check it out for my up to date #mswl, recent #writingtips blog posts, & to see what about my authors' writing made me fall in love with their stories! kortneyprice.com

Kortney Price @kortney_price · 28 Nov 2018

Hi #amquerying folks! Just a reminder that Corvisiero will be closing to queries on Dec 1! If you have a dark #YA thriller/contemporary/mystery or a #MG survial, those are at the top of my wishlist right now 😁 #mswl

Kortney Price @kortney_price · 15 Nov 2018

Corvisiero Agency @CorvisieroLit

#TeamCorvisiero will be closing our query boxes on December 1st! Submit your queries to us by Friday, November 30th before we close our doors for the holidays. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving and very happy holidays! pic.twitter.com/BwNWED69Mo

Authors! I am still looking for that dark YA contemporary, thriller, suspense, or mystery. I'm DYING to find something in one of these genres. Which is why I'm desperate enough to say if you've written ANYTHING in these genres please SEND IT OVER ... before December 1st 🙂#mswl

Kortney Price @kortney_price · 28 Sep 2018

Sometimes when the world seems like a dumpster fire, I distract myself by revamping my submissions interests. Check out my Extended Edition #mswl posts on my site! Here's #ya kortneyrprice.com/2018/09/28/you…

Kortney Price @kortney_price · 12 Sep 2018

LAST one! Somehow it completely slipped my mind to mention that I'm now opening submissions for MG GRAPHIC NOVELS!!! I'm so excited to work on these stories so send them my way! #mswl

Kortney Price @kortney_price · 12 Sep 2018

I would LOVE a super atmospheric historical story featuring a mystery or an element of the paranormal or fantastical. Think The Madman's Daughter by Megan Shepherd #mswl

Kortney Price @kortney_price · 12 Sep 2018

Atmosphere is absolutely the key to my YA magical realism/paranormal/fantasy #mswl heart! I LOVE it when a story has that creepy, fog-in-a-haunted-graveyard feel to it.

Kortney Price @kortney_price · 12 Sep 2018

I'd love to see a gritty or dark YA thriller/suspense/mystery/contemporary story. #mswl