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Laura Bradford @bradfordlit · 15 Jun 2019

Marina Liu🔬 @marinaxliu

tired: flirty enemies to lovers
wired: enemies with benefits
inspired: their respective alter egos are bitter enemies but their civilians selves are dating and neither of them know it

I just spent like 10 minutes thinking of all the great ways enemies with benefits could play out & I'm all in. Like: they put down their weapons to bone & then go back to trying to kill each other the next morning. #mswl

Laura Bradford @bradfordlit · 14 Jul 2018

Laura Bradford @bradfordlit

Dang, this story is so wild!…

I am still thinking about this story. Is it weird that I want someone to write me a book that involves serial psychotic pregnancy denial? #mswl

Laura Bradford @bradfordlit · 26 Mar 2017

I am all #mswl on every aspect of it including: mysterious wealthy benefactor hires chess instructor to come to town & teach for 10 yrs. 2/2

Laura Bradford @bradfordlit · 26 Mar 2017

Did anyone else see that 60 Minutes story on the chess program in Franklin Co. Mississippi? How unbelievably charming! 1/2

Laura Bradford @bradfordlit · 9 Feb 2017

I'd love something The Thing About The Jellyfish-esque, Upper MG, literary-leaning #MSWL

Laura Bradford @bradfordlit · 9 Feb 2017

MG or YA with characters working in factories during the industrial revolution in America #MSWL

Laura Bradford @bradfordlit · 9 Feb 2017

A YA X-Files ESPECIALLY with that simmering romantic tension m/m, m/f, f/f #mswl

Laura Bradford @bradfordlit · 9 Feb 2017

YA & upper MG SF & fantasy. Inclusivity = ❤️ #mswl

Laura Bradford @bradfordlit · 9 Feb 2017

Almost any #mswl request I have already made, IN SPACE.

Laura Bradford @bradfordlit · 9 Feb 2017

A YA falling in love at a protest story. They locked arms at a sit in & fell hard for each other. Their eyes met in the holding cell...#mswl