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Alice S-H is away @alibelle · Jul 1

Hello! I've updated my What I'm Looking For page! Take a look and get in touch if you're working on something that might be a good fit.

I've also included things I'm not good for, and a plea for trigger warnings!

#MSWL #amwriting #amreading…

Alice S-H is away @alibelle · May 30

Popping my recovering head up to say I would love a YA/early 20s book about tennis, preferably with a character of colour protag, looking at the pressures of a spectator sport and the mental strength needed. #MSWL

Alice S-H is away @alibelle · May 16

I’m caught up on submissions 🎉 If we’ve been talking and you haven’t heard, please chase me.

If you’re writing/illustrating & looking to query, HELLO. I want contemp F/F romance (YA/teen), funny MG series, FRIENDSHIPS across all ages & Eighth Grade as a book.


Alice S-H is away @alibelle · May 14

Also humour - I want more funny books please. #MSWL

Alice S-H is away @alibelle · May 14

Updating my #MSWL because I would LOVE to find a contemporary F/F teen/YA. Send 'em my way, if you're #amwriting one.

Alice S-H is away @alibelle · May 2

I really want to find a funny MG series. Aaaanyone out there? #amwriting #amediting #MSWL

Alice S-H is away @alibelle · Jan 21

Things I want in 2019: This generation's The OC/Gossip Girl and graphic novels across MG, teen and YA.

#amwriting #amreading #amquerying #mswl

Alice S-H is away @alibelle · 3 Jan 2018

In 2018 I REALLY want some brilliant MG, tween and clean teen. Great voice, strong friendships, adventure, and a brilliant story. Let's chat if you've got something up your sleeve. #amwriting #mswl…

Alice S-H is away @alibelle · 18 Dec 2017

Jinglebelle🎄 @alibelle

I've read three books and two manuscripts this weekend. Time to doze off on this train in front of The Crown.

Replying to @alibelle

Basically what I’m saying is I’m caught up on my reading so now would be a really good time to submit some fab MG / clean teen / tween to me. #MSWL #amwriting

Alice S-H is away @alibelle · 26 Sep 2017

Two things I'm particularly keen to find: MG on anxiety (fiction) and STRONG FRIENDSHIPS in MG. #MSWL

Alice S-H is away @alibelle · 22 Aug 2017

#MSWL Like the TV show Greek, but better and as a book or two.

Alice S-H is away @alibelle · 21 Aug 2017

Updated my #MSWL page. Let's chat if you're writing something which is on my list!…