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aka Veronica Park, Literary Agent @CorvisieroLit . Writer. Project Manager. Believes Women. Champion of Happy Endings. Collector of Cheeses.

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Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 3 Sep 2017

I just want like a Bride Wars remake where the BFFs end up together at the end. #MSWL #RomCom #LGBT

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 20 Aug 2017

I want to see Historical WF feat women who fight Nazis in interesting ways. Think Bletchley Circle, Bomb Girls, Code Name Verity, etc. #MSWL

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 20 Aug 2017

I would love to see a MIDNIGHT, TEXAS meets "Northern Exposure" with similar diversity but other types of paranormal. Maybe supers? #MSWL

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 19 Aug 2017

I want a modern day Drop Dead Gorgeous. Small town pageants, scary parents, taking down the NRA, etc. #MSWL #YA #RomanceOptional #WDC17

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 3 Aug 2017

I want a modern-day, #ownvoices Little Women, but about an insulated WOC and/or LGBT family/community/sisterhood so, SO bad. #MSWL #resist

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 3 Aug 2017

Really gonna need a YA Castlevania to read this October. #mswl

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 31 Jul 2017

All I want is an adorable Whip It fanfic about Rosa Sparks and Eva Destruction written by a lesbian derby player I ASK FOR SO LITTLE. #MSWL

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 28 Jul 2017

Stranded in space romance, aka The Martian meets Blue Lagoon. #mswl #ya #romance

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 28 Jul 2017

High functioning sociopaths and the cinnamon rolls who love them. #MSWL #Romance #mystery

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 26 Jul 2017

I hereby invite all trans authors to "disrupt" my query inbox. It will be an extremely welcome disruption. Thank you. #QueryDisrupt #mswl