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Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 6 Dec 2018

If anyone has written a book boyfriend of legal age who gives me feels similar to this video, I would like to read that please and thank you. #MSWL #A #R…

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 27 Sep 2017

In an attempt to avoid the news, I'm going to do a quick and rapid-fire #MSWL review. I'm ACTIVELY looking for ROMANCE. #hist #fant #adult

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 14 Sep 2017

I want a romance that basically feels like sexy Dr. Quinn fanfic. That show was surprisingly progressive for its time. #MSWL #Romance #adult

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 8 Feb 2017

Rogue One, but set in contemporary real world, w/politics, basically. Give me B613 or SD-6 romantic suspense. #MSWL #Adult #Romance

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 15 Oct 2016

Remember The Initiative from Buffy? Genetically modified super soldiers, with questionable motives. GIMME. #MSWL #Adult #Romance

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 15 Oct 2016

I need #Adult #SF #Contemp Romance like, YESTERDAY. Think Crichton with super sexy HEA or HFN. Series ok but prefer singles. #MSWL