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I read for a living. Jr Agent and Assistant at Talcott Notch Lit, send me: MG, YA, and some adult! At home in slush pile. Will fight internet trolls. she/her


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MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · Mar 18

I have said this before and I'll say it again: please include your name (or pen name!) in your query!!!! I like being able to personalize my response with your name, but I can't do that if you don't include it! #querytip

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · Feb 28

#querytip include word count, genre, and intended market (mg, ya, adult, etc) in your query! If you don’t, I have to try and guess, and I might be wrong!

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · Jan 20

Reminder to #amquerying writers: check what genres/age ranges an agent represents before submitting. If you query something that the agent doesn’t rep, you will get rejected!

I’ve rejected at least 5 queries today for genres/ages I don’t rep!


MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · Jan 10

Working on a pitch for a client’s book. I’ve posted this before, but index cards are such a good tool for organization. If you’re visual like me, writing on index cards is a great way to plot your book and write your query! #amwriting #amquerying #querytip

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 10 Dec 2019

Writers: if an agent passes on your project but provides feedback as to why, you don’t have to agree with it, listen to it, or use it. However, don’t respond telling the agent how wrong they are, etc. #querytip

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 5 Nov 2019

#querytip If an agent's guidelines include sample pages, always send the first pages of your project, not a sample from later in the book.

If you're pitching a series, it should be the first pages of the first book, not a later book in the series.

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 12 Sep 2019

#querytip please please PLEASE, if you receive an offer of representation or an offer from a small press or decide to self publish or whatever, let all agents who have your query/partial/full know! It's so frustrating to read something only to find out it's no longer available.

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 11 Sep 2019

#querytip Please stop commenting on agents' personal appearances in queries. It's weird and uncomfortable for everyone involved 😬

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 29 Aug 2019

#querytip please don't write your query in the POV of a dead author.

Especially if that author's work has no similarities to yours and you're only doing it to claim that author's publishing history?

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 18 Feb 2019

#querytip if your project is rejected, don’t just send revised pages unless the agent asks for it. In most cases, sending a new query is OK if your book has been revised extensively since the rejection (check guidelines/ask first) but don’t just send pages (unless it’s an R&R)

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 27 Dec 2018

#querytip check to see if an agent represents your genre before sending a query. I’ve spent my afternoon rejecting picture books and adult thrillers - I don’t represent either!

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 10 Dec 2018

My favorite responses to rejections are the ones who tell me that I’m missing out on a book that will sell millions of copies. 🙄 (#querytip: don’t respond like this. It doesn’t make me want to reconsider you, it makes me want to put you in the Never folder.)

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 29 Nov 2018

#querytip Stick to relevant biographical information in your query. Publishing/writing history & why you are the person to write your book. Writing about ballet? Tell us you've done ballet for 20 years. Writing about penguins? We don't need to know about your love for ballet.

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 13 Nov 2018

#querytip A query isn’t a diary entry. You can be conversational, but don’t start off telling me what you’re doing or what you had for breakfast.

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 8 Nov 2018

#querytip If an agent’s guidelines include a sample of your project, don’t pick a random chapter or section. Send the first chapter, 10 pages, 50 pages, or whatever the requirement is.