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Founder & agent of children's/YA at Greenhouse Literary, based in the US & UK. French/Arabic student & #Remain . Bridges not walls. كيف حالك؟Comment vas-tu?

London & New York

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Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 31 Oct 2019

It's hard to toot the horn, but it's been a difficult year, so I'm going to toot it today. I woke up this morning to see I'm #1 in MG deals on Publishers Marketplace. Grateful thanks to all the wonderful authors who made it happen. Send me your MG! #MSWL

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 24 Sep 2019

4. AND hey, I'm a student of French & Arabic. I'll be in the Middle East soon, in Amman, Jerusalem, Hebron, Nazareth. I'd LOVE to see any story, MG or YA, by a Palestinian author (or indeed Lebanese, Jordanian, Iraqi); could be fantasy but realistic even better. #MSWL

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 24 Sep 2019

3. In YA, charming, hooky, unexpected rom-coms by #ownvoices writers that bring something new to the genre (there's a lot around now, so it's got to be fresh) but also raise questions about life today for teens. #MSWL

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 24 Sep 2019

2. I'd also love to see something gothic, creepy, mysterious -- in both MG and YA. Not horror, but very creepy; perhaps a suffocating town or house where strange things happen? #MSWL

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 24 Sep 2019

What would I like to see? Lots of great MG for starters. Particularly heartfelt, hooky stories by #ownvoices writers & diverse settings. Even better with illustrative component. And high-concept fantasy that feels unique & fresh & characterful. #mswl

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 29 Apr 2019

Authors! I've been closed to queries for 3 months due to ill health in my family. I am re-opening today, but being somewhat specific on what I'm seeking. Please read this thread or my #MSWL… (The tulip is just for fun.) ....

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 3 Jan 2019

Hello, folks - & welcome to 2019. May it be a great year for us all, & one where we see green shoots of renewed hope for the world. I'm hoping for a great year in books also & I'm now open to queries again. I hope it will be YOUR year to shine! #MSWL to follow.

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 20 Jun 2018

I would love to find more authors who can write about immigration (whether US or European) from an authentic POV. The painful experience of being considered "other" in some way. Fiction or NF. #MSWL

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 10 Mar 2018

I love @lynnweingarten’s YA. Dark, twisty, sexy, stylish, lean in the writing. Totally my #MSWL - I adore suspenseful stories with fresh twists & cool structures/POVs.

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 10 Mar 2018

Read this on my flight yesterday & loved it. Like The Science of Breakable Things, this kind of smart, perceptive, funny, poignant MG is top of my #MSWL. Thanks @CarolineAbbey!

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 5 Jan 2018

I love the novels of @NicolaYoon & @jenniferniven. Smart, contemporary, emotionally powerful. If you're writing in this vein & have a new concept, a strong voice, do send me a query. #MSWL

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 14 Sep 2017

My #MSWL in MG or YA? A memorable voice. A fresh concept. A pitch that hooks, and writing that grips. Genre? I'm always open on that.

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 5 Jun 2017

I'd be interested to find a really sparky young chapter-book series (+ a great hook, characters) by an #ownvoices author. #MSWL

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 13 Apr 2017

I love quality writing + strong concepts & hooks + emotional resonance + diverse authors/cultures + cool POVs/structures in MG & YA. #MSWL

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 17 Mar 2017

I'm looking to fall in love with a new voice, a new story. A hook, layers, meaning; a story bigger than the sum of its parts. #MSWL

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 8 Feb 2017

Would love to see anything quirky, uncategorizable, unique. Go for it! I enjoy ambitious writing, even if it's not quite "there" yet. #MSWL

Sarah سارة Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 8 Feb 2017

Always keen to see unique YA fantasy derived from other cultures/mythologies. #MSWL