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Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · Jun 27

Someone please write me an amazing picture book about this leaf guitar playing dragon lizard. #MSWL…

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · May 28

On my summer #MSWL list:
1. Anything YA comparable to the show Roswell (original show or new adaption. I love both).
2. A YA rom com that gives me feelings of Ten Things I Hate About You
3. Upper YA with the dark feeling of Cruel Intentions.

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 4 Oct 2018

#MSWL I would REALLY love a quirky chapter book series with geeky kids, weird monsters, or strange animals (real or mythical). I would prefer this in CB, but I’m open to author/illustrator graphic novels, and MG too. Similar to THE BAD GUYS, or CATSTRONAUTS.

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 17 May 2018

#MSWL this is more of a call for illustrators and/or author illustrators. I'm REALLY looking for some incredible illustrators. Activley looking. Illustrators, please please please consider querying me with portfolio info, Author Illustrators can send me query w/ artwork samples.

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 5 Mar 2018

#MSWL MG sports themed MS with culturally diverse characters. Does not have to be a U.S. setting--I'd love to see the project set in Latin America, Caribbean, Central America, #ownvoices Authors.

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 22 Jan 2018

#MSWL I am activley looking for Creative Non-Fiction Picture Books. Interested in knowing exactley what that means? Take a look here:…

Creative NF Children's Books were a huge part of my Master's Thesis. I love them, and I'd especially love to rep them!

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 19 Jan 2018

While I'm query diving tonight, I'm also watching Harriet the Spy. This is my childhood in a movie. #MSWL for any Picture Books with Spy themes. Fiction or NF welcome.

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 12 Jan 2018

#MSWL I am also actively looking for inspirational romance (all genres) for my list. You can check out for submissions guideline and more info about what I'm looking for.

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 9 Jan 2018

#MSWL I would also love to see Adult Fiction similar to Grey's Anatomy, ER, General Hospital. A romantic sub plot is preferred. Soap Opera-esq is great also. Please don't send Medical Thrillers.

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 9 Jan 2018

#MSWL I am still actively looking for Children's PB Illustrators, or Author/Illustrators
YA Contemporary Rom
Adult Cozy Mysteries (series)
Adult Romance (sports, inspirational, historical, contemporary)
Adult Female centered SF/Space Operas

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 4 Jan 2018

#MSWL I would love to see Celtic historical fiction, or historical romance in my inbox. I'm doing quite a bit of Angus/Griffin family history research this year and I'd happily read any Celtic themed historical/romance manuscripts.

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 2 Jan 2018

I've had some really great illustrators sending material to my inbox in the last week. I'd still love to see more!! Especially whimsical, animals, fun, and colorful themes. I love to see diversity represented in illustrations as well. #MSWL…

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 28 Dec 2017

Where are all the cozy mysteries? I would love them in my query inbox! Especially, cozy mysteries with series potential. Adult or YA only! Please make sure you include "#MSWL Cozy Mystery" in the subject so I can spot it quickly.

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 27 Dec 2017

I'm really dying for some cozy mysteries in my query inbox #MSWL
cozy, holiday, southern, or summer type mysteries. I'd especially love to see them from female authors! Please send them to me!!

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 21 Dec 2017

#MSWL I recently started the Dahlia Moss Mystery series, and I'd love to see something similar in my inbox in 2018. A geeky, humor filled mystery, which is FUN. Series potential is preferred. While I'm closed for queries, if you have something comparable please do send ASAP.

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 20 Dec 2017

Here are a few #MSWL I'd love to see in my inbox in 2018!
-Adult Category Romance (no erotic please)
-Cozy holiday reads/beach reads/chick lit
*think Sarah Morgan or Ali McNamara)
-YA contemporary romance
*strong voice and emotional conflict are a must*

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 8 Dec 2017

#MSWL I'd really love to see a YA/A female centered contemporary with Kimmy Schmidt, New Girl, or Jane the Virgin feels. Lots of Humor, complicated love story, and strong female characters. Make me laugh and cry in the same chapter.

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 4 Dec 2017

I'm am opened for Adult and YA romance. I'd especially like a Comical Romance-- think Meg Cabot esq, Jane the Virgin, or New Girl

If you have something comparable to The Princess Diaries x Jane the Virgin, I would LOVE to see it NOW

Rebecca Angus is closed to Queries @R_Elisewrites · 30 Nov 2017

I'm actively looking for Adult Romance. Susanna Kearsley or Julie Garwood esq. Plot driven w/ Rom--Historical/Cozy/Military/holiday #MSWL