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Junior agent at Writers House LLC. Giant nerd. Addicted to stories in all their myriad and glorious forms. [she/her]

Queens, NY

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Nora Long @NoraLong10 · May 28

Annoyingly specific #mswl: anyone have an interesting Persuasion retelling they want to throw my way? I've been working on an Austen puzzle and remembering how great and underrated that one is--exes reconnecting years later with hurt feelings and figuring out how to reconcile!

Nora Long @NoraLong10 · 15 Nov 2019

So yeah, I'm putting THE LOCKED TOMB book two on my Goodreads list right now, and in the meantime please please send me more books like this. #mswl

Nora Long @NoraLong10 · 25 Oct 2019

Hey, exciting news! My #mswl page is officially up and running (and perhaps unnecessarily detailed), so hit me with your best shot, query people :)…