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Leanne TavAgent @Leanne54Tavares · Jan 27

I’ve been reminiscing about my days at a specific, life changing summer camp I used to go to. Bring me back! Send me your YA or upper MG (I’m going to be extremely picky on this) stories based at summer camp. #mswl

Leanne TavAgent @Leanne54Tavares · Jan 26

Who’s writing a LGBTQ story that’s NOT a coming out story? If I rep it, send it my way #MSWL

Leanne TavAgent @Leanne54Tavares · Jan 4

Authors! I LOVE music in MSs, I do, but if you’re sending me your music based MS, think more loud/booming/rock/guitar/drums/concerts/upbeat and less classical/violin/orchestra/opera/quiet/instrumental. I’m not AGAINST the latter, I’m just not a great fit for it. #MSWL

Leanne TavAgent @Leanne54Tavares · 3 Dec 2018

For Jan 2019 #mswl
I love a book that can make me cry. Really cry. Ruin my mascara cry. A or YA

Leanne TavAgent @Leanne54Tavares · 3 Dec 2018

For Jan 2019 #mswl

If you can compare your writing/story to anything by @kathleenatucker, I want those comps in my inbox in the new year.

Leanne TavAgent @Leanne54Tavares · 3 Dec 2018

For Jan 2019 #mswl
Give me the Denny Duquette Izzie Steven’s storyline. The excitement, the heartbreak, the drama but with something new and unique.

Another favorite TV relationship: Shawn Hunter and Jonathan Turner. Give me this relationship In a book ... please?

Leanne TavAgent @Leanne54Tavares · 3 Dec 2018

For January 2019 #MSWL
Sports. Sports in YA F. In YA rom. In A rom. Nonfiction if it’s exceptional but I’ll be picky here. LGBT sports. I want the female QB and the female cheer captain - OR male QB and male cheer capt!

Leanne TavAgent @Leanne54Tavares · 18 Oct 2018

Wasn’t planning to #mswl yet but since the queries are in full force: IF you’re sending me vampires, think more Damon Salvatore and less Edward Cullen. Cough... unless your Damon is falling in love with your Edward. Send it my way so I can send it to @thedaysbetween. That is all.