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LAgent @Leanne54Tavares · Jan 7

Hello authors!
I *am* reopening soon, BUT doing things a tad differently for a bit.
I am *only* accepting queries that match my #MSWL tweets, are a previous R&R, or I’ve requested through conferences/contests. I will be updating my MSWL tweets more frequently!

LAgent @Leanne54Tavares · 2 Apr 2019

I see a lot of friend stories and sibling stories. Who’s got a COUSINS story? My cousin was (is) my best friend growing up, like an additional sister! Holidays, summer camps, sleepovers. My childhood wouldn’t have been the same without her. Who’s writing this book? #MSWL

LAgent @Leanne54Tavares · 27 Jan 2019

I’ve been reminiscing about my days at a specific, life changing summer camp I used to go to. Bring me back! Send me your YA or upper MG (I’m going to be extremely picky on this) stories based at summer camp. #mswl

LAgent @Leanne54Tavares · 26 Jan 2019

Who’s writing a LGBTQ story that’s NOT a coming out story? If I rep it, send it my way #MSWL

LAgent @Leanne54Tavares · 4 Jan 2019

Authors! I LOVE music in MSs, I do, but if you’re sending me your music based MS, think more loud/booming/rock/guitar/drums/concerts/upbeat and less classical/violin/orchestra/opera/quiet/instrumental. I’m not AGAINST the latter, I’m just not a great fit for it. #MSWL

LAgent @Leanne54Tavares · 3 Dec 2018

For Jan 2019 #mswl
I love a book that can make me cry. Really cry. Ruin my mascara cry. A or YA

LAgent @Leanne54Tavares · 3 Dec 2018

For Jan 2019 #mswl

If you can compare your writing/story to anything by @kathleenatucker, I want those comps in my inbox in the new year.

LAgent @Leanne54Tavares · 3 Dec 2018

For Jan 2019 #mswl
Give me the Denny Duquette Izzie Steven’s storyline. The excitement, the heartbreak, the drama but with something new and unique.

Another favorite TV relationship: Shawn Hunter and Jonathan Turner. Give me this relationship In a book ... please?

LAgent @Leanne54Tavares · 3 Dec 2018

For January 2019 #MSWL
Sports. Sports in YA F. In YA rom. In A rom. Nonfiction if it’s exceptional but I’ll be picky here. LGBT sports. I want the female QB and the female cheer captain - OR male QB and male cheer capt!

LAgent @Leanne54Tavares · 18 Oct 2018

Wasn’t planning to #mswl yet but since the queries are in full force: IF you’re sending me vampires, think more Damon Salvatore and less Edward Cullen. Cough... unless your Damon is falling in love with your Edward. Send it my way so I can send it to @thedaysbetween. That is all.