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Kerstin Wolf @Kerstin_Wolf · Mar 23

Kerstin Wolf @Kerstin_Wolf

If someone has a manuscript somewhat along the lines of this, I’ll seriously reopen to your submission! Just DM me! #MSWL…

It should be noted that I don’t want a manuscript that is a copy of this since that is very much against the OP’s wishes. I’d like to see a manuscript along similar lines in that it’s a feel-good romcom filled with miscommunication centered around LGBTQIA+ characters. #MSWL

Kerstin Wolf @Kerstin_Wolf · 14 Dec 2019

#MSWL I would love to see more vampires! Send me your PoC and LGBTQIA+ vampires!

Kerstin Wolf @Kerstin_Wolf · 25 Aug 2019

Adam J. Kurtz @adamjk

this person has permission to come to my home and murder me

I think I’ve watched this at least twenty times now. Please, someone send me an f/f romance like this when I reopen to queries! Bonus points if there’s a heist involved. #MSWL