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The Book Witch @KatRushall · Feb 20

I really love this opinion piece. It's something I actively strive to nurture in my list.

"To save the Earth, we should show children the magic of nature." #mswl…

The Book Witch @KatRushall · Jan 23

Guys, more than anything I’m looking for middle grade, in all genres. I am seeing the least of this in my query inbox. Try me! #mswl #mg

The Book Witch @KatRushall · Jan 23

So I watched Midsommar and it was so disturbing and weird and interesting I can’t stop thinking about it. But I want to? I feel like the bigger the flowers became, the freakier it got. 🌸 🌺 🌻 & I really want a YA horror to lose sleep over. #mswl

The Book Witch @KatRushall · Jan 15

BIG NEWS: I am open to submissions!!

I've updated my Manuscript Wishlist page and it is FULL of info (too much? maybe.). There's a lot that interests me.

Send me ALL your middle grade! Your YA rom-coms, your horror! #mswl…

The Book Witch @KatRushall · 12 Jan 2018

Uh there is so much excellent YA Witch Lit coming soon that I can hardly CONTAIN MYSELF. Witches, get on this. And there is even more coming our way that just doesn't have a cover yet. I'm looking at you @christineexists & @IsaSterling #MSWL #witchlitforever #yesplease

The Book Witch @KatRushall · 17 Oct 2017

Wow. Fascinating article on "healing whispers". Ancient secrets passed down & slowly disappearing. #mswl…

The Book Witch @KatRushall · 15 Sep 2017

"Modern witches are fashionable, sexually liberated, young & often actively engaged in political activism" Yes #MSWL…

The Book Witch @KatRushall · 10 Sep 2017

Ancient secrets passed down via women, a sacred Sea Oath, last woman to know & a daughter who doesn't want to #MSWL 😍…

The Book Witch @KatRushall · 13 Apr 2017

I basically want the MG novel of this relationship, family, and setting (and the magic). <3 #MSWL…

The Book Witch @KatRushall · 15 Mar 2017

#MSWL Accessible, fascinating PB or MG nonfiction about whales (bonus points for orcas & humpbacks) with a hook.…

The Book Witch @KatRushall · 8 Mar 2017

"What is a witch? Feminists, queers & activists reclaiming the identity of the persecuted outcast & edgewalker"#MSWL…

The Book Witch @KatRushall · 28 Feb 2017

(cont.) And dream project if it was a Native American #OwnVoices middle grade set at the park from 1 of the Grand Canyon area tribes. #MSWL

The Book Witch @KatRushall · 28 Feb 2017

it's the ONLY National Park w a k-12 school on site? There's a small tight-knit community there. Kids grow up there. MG #MSWL x 1 million.