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Karly Caserza (closed to submissions) @KarlyCaserza · 31 Oct 2019

Ummm pair these stunning images with a mesmerizing adventure and then query me. Please and thank you #MSWL facebook.com/51075634894331…

Karly Caserza (closed to submissions) @KarlyCaserza · 8 Oct 2019

I would love #PB and #MG submissions showing multi-cultural heroes and their adventures. #MSWL

These photos are gorgeous: facebook.com/40878366987965…

Karly Caserza (closed to submissions) @KarlyCaserza · 8 Aug 2019

I’m really hungry for #MG stories where the protagonist uses #STEM in badass and witty ways. Gimme? Query me. #mswl