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D4EO Literary Agency

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · Jan 24

Really in the mood for a smart, well-written romantic comedy 💫 #MSWL

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 25 Aug 2018

I’m very much on the lookout for fun, well-done escapism: manuscripts that are fun to read, that have a sense of humor, that make me laugh. If you’ve got one on offer please query me ✨ #MSWL

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 5 Jun 2018

I am actively seeking new clients who have written outstandingly well-written, unputdownable commercial, women’s, general and literary fiction, romance and select YA. For more info about what I’m looking for: juliedinneen.com #MSWL 💫

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 24 Apr 2018

I just updated my wish list at juliedinneen.com and will be checking out the #DVpit YA projects on April 25 and adult fiction on April 26 🤩 #MSWL

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 27 Feb 2018

I'd love a contemporary romance that revolves around a current social issue, with a great voice and relatable, memorable characters 💗#MSWL

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 19 Sep 2017

In the mood for some 'unputdownable' romance ❤️ #MSWL

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 12 Sep 2017

#MSWL A beautifully-written family saga set in the Wild West. #fantasyelementsoptional

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 12 Sep 2017

#MSWL Literary magic with an original, distinctive voice.

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 12 Sep 2017

#MSWL A YA adventure/romance with outstanding world-building starring mermaids who have to somehow hide their identity in the real world.

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 12 Sep 2017

#MSWL A quirky, edgy modern take on The Big Chill starring an eclectic cast of colorful, interesting, believable characters.

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 12 Sep 2017

#MSWL A fun, debauched romcom set in luxury yachts, Hollywood film sets and/or NYC penthouses.

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 12 Sep 2017

#MSWL A modern American road trip, brimming with youth, summer, lust and all kinds of enlightenment.

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 31 Aug 2017

In the mood for a hip romance set in LA against a background of fame, fortune, glamor, dramatic despair and starry hope #MSWL

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 15 Aug 2017

Querying writers, if you've written some fun escapism, please send. Could use some right about now. #MSWL: juliedinneen.com

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 13 Aug 2017

An eclectic list of the kinds of books I love to read and would love to represent: 💖📚juliedinneen.com #MSWL

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 10 Aug 2017

Seeking literary gold that scorches and awes from the very
first page, held up by skillful storytelling (not too much to ask, no?) #MSWL

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 10 Aug 2017

Looking for badass female-centric upmarket fiction that
speaks to the zeitgeist #MSWL #whatdoesthatmean #iknowitwheniseeit

Julie Dinneen @JulieDinneen · 10 Aug 2017

On the lookout for psychologically complex horror with a
distinctive voice. Recently read Mr. Mercedes and there it is: voice #MSWL