Joelle Delbourgo


NYC-area literary agent, former editor, unabashed foodie, culture hound, citizen of the world, dedicated environmentalist, proud mom, dances to a Latin beat.

Montclair, NJ (NYC area)

Joelle Delbourgo Associates

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 3 Feb 2015

If you are a writer, follow other writers you admire on Twitter and learn from them. What do they post? What is effective? #pubtip

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 1 Feb 2015

Writers, when you query agents and publishers, pitch one project at a time. It's not about multiple choice. #pubtip

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 7 Jan 2015

This is a good time to send query letters out to agents. Take the time to personalize your queries and follow agency guidelines! #pubtip

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 15 Aug 2014

If you're submitting your work, it helps to spell "query" correctly. I kid you not. Not everyone does.

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 30 May 2014

Sending an agent a plot summary does not constitute writing a persuasive query letter. #pubtip

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 14 Apr 2014

Never start a query letter by plunging into your synopsis. Tell us what kind of book you are writing first. #pubtip