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Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 15 Oct 2019

Seeing a notable uptick in queries categorized as “new adult”, so this is a reminder that New Adult is not currently a thing in traditional publishing, and many agents may be auto-rejecting your queries based on this category listing in your query #querytip

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 12 Apr 2019

Been hearing from writers that @ktliterary doesn't state that we require 3 pages along with your query on our website - but we do!

Always a good idea to pay attention to submission guidelines on the agency website! #querytip

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 9 Jan 2019

Queriers! Just an FYI that sometimes your fancy signatures and embedded illustrations/photos show up as attachments - and trigger deletion of said query. Best to simplify, and err on the side of caution! #querytip

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 28 Jul 2018

Hey writers! You don’t need to hashtag key words in the subject line of your query (I.e #YA #SFF #WF, etc). MSWL or Ownvoices is fine but still not necessary. #querytip

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 18 Dec 2017

I'm seeing a new trend in queries lately where a logline is placed at the top, even before a salutation. This makes it seem, initially, as if the querier has forgotten to include a salutation with my name, which is usually an auto-reject for me. Please don't do this! #querytip

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 16 Nov 2017

The term "speculative" in reference to genre doesn't mean books that "cause one to think". It's meant for SFF/Horror or books containing elements of SFF/Horror. Seeing a lot of queries for straight lit fic, which I don't rep, using this word as a descriptor #querytip #writetip

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 22 Aug 2017

Queriers: an FYI that queries that don't include my name in the greeting generally get deleted/go to junk mail. #querytip

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 10 Aug 2017

A #querytip for everyone who might be tempted to call YA a genre in their query:

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 29 May 2017

If you share an email with your spouse, consider getting a personal one for sending queries - less confusing for me that way! #querytip

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 22 Feb 2017

#Querytip: If your spamblocker isn't set to let emails from anyone at ktliterary.com thru, you won't receive my passes OR requests.

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 22 Jan 2017

This is your reminder to always check an agency's website for submission guidelines before you click send on your query. #querytip

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 28 Nov 2016

#querytip: Please don't put MSWL in your query if your book doesn't ACTUALLY fit what I've specifically asked for on my MSWL. It's shady.

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 16 Sep 2016

When citing my #MSWL as a reason for querying, it's super helpful for me to know which part of it you're referencing! #querytip

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 17 Aug 2016

Don't tell me that you JUST finished your novel. This makes me concerned you haven't properly workshopped it before querying. #querytip

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 7 Aug 2016

Queriers, I know my last name is spelled weird. I very much appreciate those of you who take the time to spell it correctly. #querytip