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Lit Agent at KT Literary (closed to queries except underrepped writers- see site). Writer. Host at @gwbbpodcast . She/They who hangs out in cemeteries.

Brooklyn, NY

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Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · Mar 15

Thereza Dos Santos @TherezaDSWrites

@HannahFergesen Great! Do you think there is any current interest in a YA Shakespeare retelling? Not high school drama club. Contemporary woven with magical elements 💫 PS still waiting for the teen to #stressbake the cake.

I definitely think so! Retellings are timeless - the main thing, IMO, is to make it relatable for a contemporary audience. You’re retelling Romeo and Juliet for a modern audience, just as an example - consider that we’ll ask you why, and why now? #askagent