Abbe Goldberg @itsabbe

Dessert enthusiast. I talk Bachelor on Mondays, books the rest of the week. Personal account.

Alison H. A. @AlisonReads2

Avid reader, sporadic writer, weather tracker. Former acquisitions editor with CQP. Current moderator for OLLI @UofCincy . Oh, and there's that new day job...

Alloy Entertainment @alloyent

Let Alloy Entertainment be your source for writing tips, publishing insider tidbits, entertainment news, and more!

New York & Los Angeles

Alloy Entertainment

Alyss-o-lantern 🎃 @alyssalschaffer

• Acquisitions Manager at @ooliganpress 📚 • Intern at @ExLibrisEditing ✒️ • Feminist 🙋 • Avid Hiker 🏞️ • Bad Joke Aficionado 🎭

Portland, OR

Ooligan Press

Amanda Panitch @AmandaPanitch

Author of DAMAGE DONE (Random House, out now) & NEVER MISSING, NEVER FOUND (RH, June 2016). https://t.co/jb7v1FzCmu

New York, NY

Amy Boggs @notjustanyboggs

SF/F geek, contracts wrangler, former literary agent. ''I'm here, and I'm fine. And I'm seeing you, for the first time.''

New York, NY

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm

Rights Manager at Nancy Yost Literary Agency (@nyliterary). International women of mystery, probably.


Nancy Yost Literary Agency

Andrea Cascardi @aecbks

Children's and YA editor. Loves helping authors unlock the story they want to tell. Tweeting about books, reading, and any random thing that strikes my fancy.

New York

Angie Hodapp @angiehodapp

Writer. Teacher. Director of Literary Development at Nelson Literary Agency.

Denver, CO

Nelson Literary Agency

Anya Kagan @AnyaKagan

Fiction #editor at Touchstone Editing. Trilingual (#Russian–#French–#English) translator. Founder of the community writing project @ScriptingChange .

Bay Area, CA

Ava Jae @Ava_Jae

YA writer. Latinx 🇨🇺/🇲🇽. Spoonie. Author of the BEYOND THE RED trilogy (Sky Pony Press). Freelance Editor. Rep'd by @louisefury of The Bent Agency.

Opinions are my own.

� Miranda Stinson � @MirandaJStinson

Poet, Hibernophile, and editor-in-training. I live for tea and cats.

Brooklyn, NY

Cara Mannion @Cara_Mannion

Junior literary agent. SEC football connoisseur. Pizza fanatic. Currently on a romance reading spree.

New York, New York

Casey Herringshaw @C_Herringshaw

Christ follower, daughter, aspiring author, avid reader, nerdy knitter & general all around farm girl. ACFW Carol Awards Coordinator

Colorado Springs, CO

Christina Brower @cnbrower

Crusader for the Oxford comma. Tea Drinker. Luck-wearer. Queen under the Mountain.

Brooklyn, NY

Cori Vidae @CoriVidae

Erotica writer, anthologist, and collector of shiny things.

Dara Rochlin Book Dr @BookDoctorDara

Freelance Book Editor. Proofreader. Wordsmith. Grammarian. contact: DaraR68@gmail.com.


Elizabeth Evans @EMEvans11

Founder and Editor at Elizabeth Evans Editorial, Former Literary Agent, Outdoors Nut, Angel Food Cake Enthusiast

Milwaukee, WI

Emily Krupin @EmilyKrupin

Freelancer. Former NYC editor. Travel, books, film, & French bulldog enthusiast.

Los Angeles, CA

Emily Smith @emilyelysesmith

Mostly editor, sometimes writer, always reader.

Emmett Raymond @Xheotris

Freelance web-programmer specializing in node-js and neo4j, but not limited to that. Former head of ebooks and webmaster for Cedar Fort Publishing.

Spanish Fork, UT

Fiona Shoop @FiShoop

Publisher, columnist, The Cocktail Hour radio presenter & the author of How to Write and Publish Non-Fiction. Working in Sussex, dreaming of Vegas.

On a sofa in Britain

Fleetwood Robbins @FleetwoodStarr


Seattle, WA

GSteade @GSteade

Editor extraordinaire, Central Park West.


Heather Alexander @HeatherAlexand

Independent Children's Book Editor, former agent at Pippin and editor at Penguin. Services & rates: https://t.co/KWWddOaV27 PB/MG/YA/lipstick


J. Marcelle Corrie @jmarcellecorrie

Mktg Asst at @LEEandLOW | Proud member of @PocPub | YA Writer | Afro Enthusiast | Tweets are my own | Pub questions? Ask here: https://t.co/K0wf9DQR5O

Brooklyn, NY

Jackie Lindert @JackieLindert

Wisconsinite🧀 living in NYC, pursuing happiness through stories. Co-Founder of @StorysmithsCo .

New York, NY

Jen Karsbaek @DevourerofBooks

All-around bookish person. Literary Scout with @FuseLiterary (no queries please)

Chicago-ish, IL

Fuse Literary

Jenni Moy @JAMoy92

Former Intern @icecubepress . MG reader and writer. Dachshund lover and owner. Also sews during free time.


Jes Negrón @JesNx

🇵🇷 Editor/Writer. Former Lit Agent #TeamTalcott . @RiotGames alum. Looking for my next adventure. #CritsForGood cuz #WeNeedDiverseEverything Avatar by @lartist

Joanna Szabo @Joanna_Shwaba

Reader // feminist // Hufflepuff // book publishing student & acquisitions manager @ooliganpress // coffee enthusiast // @lin_manuel replied to me once

Portland, OR

Ooligan Press

Josey Gist @JoseyGist

I'm a freelance editor who loves YA and MG books. Former slush pile reader at KC&A Literary Agents and EA at HarperCollins.

San Francisco

Karissa Chen @karissachen

Fiction and Essays in Gulf Coast, Guernica, The Toast & more. Fulbright Taiwan. One of 2 Editors-in-Chief for @Hyphenmagazine . Founding Editor of @SomeBallin .


Kyra M. Nelson @KyraMNelson

YA author. Freelance editor. Recurring character on @WordNerdsVlog . Tormenting characters one book at a time. #MockPit host 🐲

Lanie Davis @laniebird5

Director, e-publishing at Alloy Entertainment. Book nerd. TV watcher. Sports lover. Pigeon enthusiast. My tweets are my own.

New York, NY

Alloy Entertainment

lara bee says @larabeesays

Professional book person, amateur music person, loves few things more than Death Cab for Cutie and televised teen drama

Brooklyn, NY

Laurel Symonds @LaurelSymonds

All things books. And food. And travel. Associate Marketing Manager @albertwhitman .

Chicago, IL

Albert Whitman & Co.

Lauren Plude @laurenplude

Editor. Freelancer. I drink too much coffee and despite my best efforts not to, I often read the last chapter of a book first. https://t.co/OAXjmqa9JW

Charlotte, NC

Lindsay!!! On Ice @LindsayRibar

Fan of concerts, fanfic, & Canada. Ravenpuff. She/her. THE PROS OF CONS pubs 2018. ROCKS FALL, EVERYONE DIES available now. Not agenting anymore.


Maile Hamilton @crassthinking

Based on the Novel PUSH by Sapphire

New York

Marci Geisler @marci_gee

Former prairie girl, aspiring New Yorker, sometime pastry chef, & perpetual adventurer.

�T: 43.661815,-79.377458

Marsha Morman @djclawson

Author and Assistant Literary Agent

New York, NY

Megan @the_othermegan

'go forth, make books' marketing assistant at St. Martin's Press | tweets and opinions my own

St. Martin's Press

Michael R. Underwood @MikeRUnderwood

Author. GENRENAUTS, GEEKOMANCY, & more. Co-host @skiffyandfanty & @speculatesf . Sales/Marketing @AngryRobotBooks . Opinions are mine. #YesWeWill He/him

Orbital HQ

Angry Robot

Natasha Alexis @agntalexis

Dancer in past life. Lover of pop culture, music & life generally. Football (you call it soccer) fan. Closed to queries. ⚽️🇹🇹

New York

Nike Power @NikeLPower

speedreader, freelance editor, also full of rage re: cancellation of bunheads

New York, NY

Norah Myers @bookish_norah

research assistant. publishing consultant at @bookmachine . scorpio rising. norah@bookmachine .co.uk

in bed with a book

Pooja Menon @FriscoDreamer

Lover of all things literary, movie buff, traveler, foodie, news addict, and animal lover. Marketing Coordinator @wildnetorg (tweets my own).

San Francisco, CA

Rach Crawford @RachAC

Lit kid, feminist, science fanatic, ex-New Yorker. Now marketing @UQPbooks . Expect: Books & publishing. Current events. Pop-science. Pugs. (tweets my own)

New York, NY

Rachael Dugas @RachaelDugas

Book enthusiast. Grown-up drama nerd. Lover of all things sparkly & retro. Thinks life's not worth living without dogs, coffee, chocolate, books & music.


Talcott Notch Literary

Rebecca Lucash @rebeccalucash

Medieval nerd, hiking enthusiast, and caretaker to an exuberantly friendly brindled squirrel hunting hound dog.

New York, USA

Ron Hogan @RonHogan

The books I've edited have frequently been shortlisted for literary prizes. I'm available to work on your manuscript. Interested?

New York, NY

Sara Sciuto @sarasciuto

Agent-turned-editor, founder of Sara Sciuto Literary Services, world traveler, general enthusiast. Works on all #kidlit (#pb/#illustration, #mg , and #ya !).

Orange County, CA

Sarah Crystal @SarahNagel14

Business Manager at Speaking Office


Sarah Negovetich @SarahNego

YA Author of the Acceptance Series. Why YA? At 17 the world is your oyster: slimy and a bit salty. Maybe it's time for a new cliche!

Texas - Yeehaw!

Shannon E. Powers @S_E_Powers

Freelance editor, former literary agent and bookseller. Still hanging around in book land. Slytherin, ice cream lover, rust belt baby-now-NYer.

New York, NY

Smalls @shutupsmalls

The best Writers House intern ever (according to @sarahnagel14 ), TV star, lipstick enthusiast, Lil Bub's #1 fan, Jewess, probably thinking about iced tea

Boston/NJ depending on the day

Stacey Donovan @Donovanesque

Writer of adorable romance. Director of Hallmark Publishing. Opinions are only my own.

Kansas City, MO

Hallmark Publishing

Stephanie Sauvinet @StephanieSauvin

SF writer who wants to live on Dune, hunt Replicants & solve The Maze. Former Reading Editor. #Cyberpunk & #Biopunk lover. D&D player. Cat Herder. RN. Pen Punk

New Orleans

Suzanne van HELLsing @Suzanne_Writer

Tattooed story-teller & peanut-butter addict. Genderqueer. Author of THE OTHER ME @HarmonyInkPress , I HEART ROBOT @Month9Books and SCARDUST @Entangled . #WO2016


Tara Whitaker @TaraMQ

Editor. Cat lover. HP fan for life.

Chicagoland, IL

Tom Ciavarella @tomciav

Content strategist; Manager, Publisher Relations @thomsonreuters ; @SmarterLearn founder. tom at tomciav dot com. Views are mine, all mine.

Philadelphia, PA

Vanessa K. Eccles �� @VanessaKEccles

Faithful Creative 📚 Author of FABLED, RED RIBBONS, and the Lore & Legend Series • Founder of @BelleReveLit & @faithcreatemag • Amazon: https://t.co/VJwvx8gc0q

Deep South

Golden Wheat Literary

Whitney Johnson @EditrixW

Word Nerd | Roller Derby Enthusiast | Recovering Classicist | All thoughts mine own. #ToastieTwitter #Binders

Seattle, WA

🎃 Putrid Banshee 🍁 @penelopebabs

You want authors? I got authors. Publicity Manager @angryrobotbooks . Currently reading: for acquisitions. Write for @LeftLion /@SkiffyandFanty


Angry Robot