Abby Ranger @ranger_abby

Senior Editor at HarperCollins Children's, working New York hours from a West Coast outpost. Ranger of neither park nor forest.

Portland, OR

HarperCollins Children's Books

Adam the Wilson @AdamDetritus

Senior Editor at @Gallery_13 & @GalleryBooks & @Pocket_Books with Simon & Schuster. I like drawings and elephants. Opinions and detritus be all my own.


Simon & Schuster

Alex Ulyett @alexulyett

Like Juliet with a Y. Associate editor @vikingchildrens , Penguin Random House. Member of the Finer Things Club.

New York, NY

Penguin Random House

Alexa Pastor @Alexa_Pastor926

Asst. Editor at S&S BFYR, Atheneum, & McElderry. Lover of bookstores, polka dots, & the NY Giants. Proud NoV/a Nationer, big NJ transit hater. Tweets are mine.

New York, NY

S&S Books for Young Readers

Alexandra Hess @Alexxx_Hexxx

Once turned down at a middle school dance because I read too much. Book Editor at Skyhorse Publishing. Touching and kissing the hem of the void. DIY forever.

New York, NY

Skyhorse Publishing

Ali Fisher @AliFisher

Editor at @TorTeen and Starscape. Opinions are mine.

Brooklyn, NY

Tor Teen

Alice Poon @alicepoon1

Book Editor @ Earnshaw Books; Award-winning Author; Historical Novelist.

Vancouver BC & Hong Kong

Earnshaw Books

Alison Weiss @alioop7

Editor at Sky Pony Press causing all sorts of mayhem in the publishing world. Tweets are of my own dastardly devising.

iPhone: 41.102997,-73.860214

Sky Pony Press

Allison Adler @in_a_partydress

Editor at @AndrewsMcMeel . Scholar of important book manuscripts, pop culture blogs. Bunny Bixler and I were in the semi-finals, the very semi-finals, mind you.


Andrews McMeel

alyssa miele @alyssammiele

associate editor at harpercollins children's // son & heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar

new york, ny

HarperCollins Children's Books

Alyssa Raymond @YAEditorAlyssa

Looking for my next adventure in publishing! Acquired/edited THE HAUNTING SEA @gamwyn , IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU @lslaughter2 & THE QUEEN UNDERNEATH @staceyfilak .

Boston, MA

Page Street Publishing

Amanda Bergeron @ABergeron11

Editor at HarperCollins, book lover, adventure seeker, and general food enthusiast. Opinions are my own.



Amanda Shih @amandashih

Nonfiction editor @TarcherPerigee @PenguinRandom . Some book things, mostly bad jokes and yelling about football.


TarcherPerigee/Penguin Random House

AmandaCityOwl @AmandaCityOwl

New Associate Editor for City Owl Press! I love historical fiction/romances/mysteries and anything set in Asia. Email queries to me at aroberts@cityowlpress.com

City Owl Press

Amy Sherwood @sherwoodedits

Editor at Samhain Publishing. I'm very quiet and enjoy puzzles.

Samhain Publishing

Amy Singh @aimmaimm

NYU alum-news junkie-book lover working in publishing at PRH. Easily excitable and overly caffeinated.


Skyhorse Publishing

Amy Stapp @AmyStappNY

Obsessed with books, travel, and all things French; aspiring turophile and lover of champagne. Editor seeking smart suspense, romance, historical at Tor/Forge.

New York


Amy Stapp @AmyStappNY

Obsessed with books, travel, and all things French; aspiring turophile and lover of champagne. Editor seeking smart suspense, romance, historical at Tor/Forge.

New York


Andrew Harwell @andrewasalways

Editor of MG & YA at HarperCollins, Author of The Spider Ring, Magical Thinker. Geek out or get out, you know?

Wherever books are sold


andrewkarre @andrewkarre

Executive editor at Dutton Books for Young Readers (@DuttonYR), an imprint of Penguin Random House. http://t.co/BFV5vyJ03W Tweets are my own.

St. Paul, MN

Dutton Young Readers

Andy (aka Michael) @cupcakeandy

Cupcake connoisseur. Horror movie fanatic. Science lover. ~Amateur Medievalist~. Editor at Simon Pulse.

Simon Pulse

Angela James @angelajames

Editorial Director, Harlequin Carina Press. Expert in editing, digital publishing, books,romance, martini recipes & shoes. Inexpert opinions on everything else.


Anna Cavallo @eatreadwriterun

Editor at Lerner Publishing for Carolrhoda, Lab, Millbrook, & Darby Creek imprints; linguist; runner; avid eater. Unsentimental except for kittens. Poptarts.

Minneapolis, MN

Lerner Publishing Group

Anna L. Davis @AnnaLDavis1

Sci-fi writer. Cyborgs, #biotech mayhem. #Cyberpunk . Coffee addict. Editor @HeneryPress . Author of OPEN SOURCE (Enhancement Series) http://t.co/5FBJKqAM6K

Dallas, TX

Henery Press

Anna Michels @AnnaKMichels

author of 26 KISSES. senior editor at Sourcebooks. reluctant bassist, page-bender of books. repped by @petejknapp



Anne Sowards @AnneSowards

executive editor acquiring science fiction & fantasy at Penguin. I do the fun books. Opinions my own (if they weren't, I guarantee there would be 99% less Kpop)

New York, NY


Annie Berger @EditorALB

Editor of great children's books at HarperCollins, reality TV enthusiast, amateur homemaker, junk food lover and reader of YA and Middle-Grade everything.


Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo

Editor at Albert Whitman and Company. Gamer, crafter, theatre-goer. My tweets are my own.

New York

Albert Whitman & Company

Annie Stone @aepstone

Editor of YA & more at @alloyent , previously of @HarlequinTeen and @HarperChildrens . Compulsive singer, Brooklyn-dweller, all-around nerd.

New York City

Alloy Entertainment

Antonica Jones 🌈 @AntonicaJones

Head editor @inkandlocket for diverse books & underrepped writers; ed. assistant @inspiredquill for SF/F; professional word enthusiast; amateur human. she/her


ink & locket press

Ashley Gephart @AshleyGephart

JF/MG Editor. Geek. Writer. Slytherin. Likes supervillains and being onstage. If I favorite a pitch, please submit your MS or query to http://t.co/tXVJSMFQZp

Cedar Fort Publishing

Ashley Hammond @THEalhammond

INTJ. educator. editor (@pandamoonpub). sometimes I write things. obsessed with my dog.

good ol WV

Pandamoon Publishing

Ashley Wyrick @ashley_wyrick

@JollyFishPress Associate #Editor •#Sci-fi Weirdo•Gryffindor•Divergent•House Targaryan• Capricorn•I'm in love with the 9th Doctor. #books #amediting

Jolly Fish Press

Aubrey Poole @TheAubreyPoole

We're All Mad *For Books* Here. Children's/YA editor at Hachette, Jimmy Patterson Book. Raverin who hates peanuts but loves peanut M&Ms. My opinions are my own.



Bess Cozby @besscozby

Texan Expat. Associate Editor at @torbooks . Web Editor at @DIYMFA . So, books. Like, all the time. Thoughts are mine. That almost rhymes! Not a poet.

Tor Books

Bethany Strout @BethanyStrout

Associate Editor at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. I think mainly about books and country music. My tweets are my own.

Little, Brown and Company

Blair Thornburgh @ATallOrder

Editor @quirkbooks , MFA student @HamlineMFAC , author of WHO'S THAT GIRL (HarperCollins '17). Just drop me at a museum with some snacks, I'll be fine.

Philadelphia, Middangard

Quirk Books

Brit Hvide Busse @bhvide

Senior Editor with Orbit Books. It's healthy to feel awe. 🇸🇬🇳🇴🇺🇸

New York, NY

Orbit Books

C.M. Spivey @CalSpivey

Author FROM UNDER THE MOUNTAIN (as Cait Spivey; #tridentchronicles ), Marketing Dir. @REUTSpub , trans asexual feminist. He/him. Tweeting my own opinions.

Portland, OR, USA

REUTS Publications

Carlisa Cramer � @carlisajc

Let's be real, books are basically my life. • @JollyFishPress Editor (Query me!) • #Freelance Editor • Used-to-be Book Blogger • BYU Alum • Type 1 Diabetic


Jolly Fish Press

Caroline BlissLarsen @editor_caro

Associate editor @jollyfishpress & aspiring author. Tweeting abt book publishing, #Hamilton , politics, office life, linguistics, & mundanities of my life.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jolly Fish Press

Charlotte Wenger @WilbursBF_Char

Associate Children's Editor @ Page Street Publishing / enthusiast of books, kids, dogs, the Arts, the outdoors

Boston, MA

Page Street Publishing

Chelsea Eberly @chelseberly

Editor @ Random House Children's Books; interested in good stories & good people; ISO a fireplace to read beside. Opinions are my own.

New York, NY

Random House Children's Books

Cheryl B. Klein @chavelaque

Editor of kids' & YA books, author of SECOND SIGHT, reader, eater, cat caretaker, quotations lover, Ravenclaw. Portrait by @dsantat . All tweets here my own.

Brooklyn, NY

Arthur A. Levine Books

Christian Trimmer @MisterTrimmer

Editorial director of Henry Holt Books for Young Readers. Visit https://t.co/8jPdEn4kRf

New York, New York

Henry Holt Books for Young Readers

Christopher Morgan @C_Morgs65

I'm a Texan. I work at Tor/Forge books. I'm a gamer, a snowflake, and social justice bard. All my thoughts and opinions are my own.

New York

Tor/Forge Books

Clarissa Wong @cwongggg

Editor at HarperCollins Children's. Foodie. Barnard alum. Opinions are my own.

New York, NY

HarperCollins Children's Books

clarkesworld @clarkesworld

Neil Clarke: Hugo & World Fantasy Award winning editor of Clarkesworld Magazine, Forever Magazine, Upgraded, and The Best Science Fiction of the Year series.

Stirling, NJ

Clarkesworld Magazine

Claudia @ClaudiaCarozza

Senior Editor @anaiahpress . Editor @curiosityquills . Copy Editor @entangledpub & @lyricalpress . Loves the occasional bottle of wine. Yes, I said bottle.

Freelance Editor

Claudia Gabel @claudiagabel

Author of teen sci-fi suspense novels ELUSION and ETHERWORLD (w/ Cheryl Klam); Senior Exec Editor at Katherine Tegen Books; and happy-go-lucky person

Katherine Tegen Books

Constance Renfrow @MissConstance21

Novelist and fiction writer, editor @ThreeRoomsPress and freelancer, amateur Victorianist. Check out my forthcoming book @SongsOfMySelfie

New York

Three Rooms Press

Dana Chidiac @chidiaqian

Associate Editor at Dial BFYR. I spend a lot of time thinking about how things—words, streets, yarn, and food—fit together. Tweets are mine.

New York

Dial Books for Young Readers

David Pomerico @PomericoD

Sci-fi and fantasy editor, sports enthusiast, and Comptroller of Laos. All opinions are solely my own, and are to be used for entertainment purposes only.

Harper Voyager US

Deirdre Jones @DeirdreEJones

Editor at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. Recipe-trier. Gardener-in-training. Book-lover. World-traveler-wannabe.

New York City

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Devon Ward @devonmward

Writer. Managing editor @jollyfishpress specializing in YA and MG (open to all genres). Chocolate connoisseur. Recovering shopaholic.

Jolly Fish Press

Diana Gill @dianagill

Executive editor publishing science fiction/fantasy/supernatural novels at Ace/Roc/Berkley. Needs: caffeine. Wants: plane tickets. Opinions mine own.


Ace/Roc Books

Diana M. Pho @writersyndrome

aka Ay-leen the Peacemaker. Academic. Performer. Editor. Steampunk. Blog: Beyond Victoriana. Jobs: Tor. com & Tor Books. Opinions here are my own.

New York, NY

Tor Books

Eden Plantz @EdenPlantz

Executive Editor w/ @anaiahpress ; freelance editor and designer

Florida, USA

Anaiah Press

Eileen Rothschild @E_Roths

Editor @stmartinspress , @wednesdaybooks , @smpromance . I talk about bookish things and post pictures of my dogs.

Brooklyn, NY

St. Martin's Press

Elayne Becker @ElayneABecker

Junior Associate Editor at Tor/Forge Books and Tor Teen. Writer. Travel lover. Adventure seeker. Occasional lucid dreamer. Thoughts are my own.


Eliza Swift @elizaswift

Editor at @AlbertWhitman . Formerly a professional fan girl at @alloyent . Lover of cats, naps, and catnaps. Opinions expressed here are my own.


Albert Whitman & Company

Elizabeth Mazer @Elizabeth_Mazer

Associate Editor for Love Inspired Suspense and Historical. Loves showtunes, old movies, new books, and everything chocolate.


Ellie Sipila @MoveToTheWrite

Senior Editor @BookFishBooks . Also offers freelance services in editing, design, and digital production. Comfortable with my nerduality.


BookFish Books

Emily Rodmell @EmilyRodmell

Editor at Harlequin's Love Inspired Books. Lives for sunny days & city life. Instagram: NYC_Editor_Life

New York City

Love Inspired

Emily Seife @e_seife

editor at scholastic press. commentary on books, biking, bouldering, and bats. oh wait i mean cats. opinions are my own.

Brooklyn, NY


Emily Stanford @emilyswrite

Editor for EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing. "Who wills, Can. Who tries, Does. Who loves, Lives." ~Anne McCaffrey

Alberta, Canada

EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy

Emma Ledbetter @brdnjamforemma

Associate Editor at Atheneum Books for Young Readers; aspiring friend of Lilly, Olivia, and Frances. Koalas by @minitreehouse .

New York

Atheneum Books

Erica Finkel @ericafinkel

wide-eyed children's associate editor; interested in finding the next harry potter, or, failing that, a great whiskey bar


Abrams Books

Erika Imranyi @hooksnbooks

Executive Editor at MIRA Books and yarn crafts enthusiast.


Mira Books

Erin Black @ELBlackEdits

Reader, knitter, kitchen remodler, expert in the Raise of a Single Eyebrow. Associate Editor at Scholastic Press. Any opinions here are mine, not my employer's.


Scholastic Press

Erin Clarke @erinmclarke

Editor at Knopf Books for Young Readers, mother of two, runner, unapologetic member of the coop. Choose Kind.

New York City

Knopf Books

Erin George @ErinGeorgeHP

Sr. Associate Editor at @HeneryPress . Owner of a spoiled-rotten Maltese. Lover of books, baking, and baseball games.

Dallas, TX

Henery Press

Erin Reel @TheLitCoach

Senior Editor and In-House Agent for WriteLife Publishing, Contributor at LitReactor, former agent, patient listener...

Omaha, NE

Erin Rhew Books @ErinRhewBooks

YA writer. Author of The Fulfillment Series. Operations Manager & Editor @BookFishBooks . Lover of pizza and running...in that order. @DeekRhewBooks ' Wifey

BookFish Books

Eve Adler @eve_adler

Children’s book editor @GrossetPSS Penguin Random House

Garrett Marco @garrett_marco

Acquiring editor at Soul Mate Publishing, editor at The Grove Review, and Freelance editor. Query at: garrett@soultmatepublishing.com

Portland, OR

Soul Mate Publishing

Gen Gagne-Hawes @genevievejude

Book editor at Writers House. Ph.D. in English Lit from UBC. I love books; travel; that my full name doesn't fit in the Twitter box. Tweets are my own.


Writers House

Grace Kendall @GraceKendallLit

Editor of picture books and novels at FSG BYR/Macmillan. Runner, dog lover, pancake fiend, and sports fan. (Tweets are my own, not @MacKidsBooks 's.) #BLM #WNDB

Hecho en Miami. New York, NY

Farrar, Straus & Giroux

H. McCorkle @McCorkle_Editor

Acquisitions editor with City Owl Press, lover of all things fantasy and sci-fi with a heavy dose of romance. http://t.co/1Gl2xiQzft

United States

City Owl Press

Hali Baumstein @halibaumstein

Associate Editor at @bloomsburykids , writer, Huffleclaw, mass consumer of chocolate & tea, and CW TV show binge watcher.



Hannah Wood @notsowiseowl

Commissioned Officer in the Forward March of Culture (in the Associate Editor trenches of @harperbooks and @harperperennial , but all tweets are my own).


Heather Rubert @HeatherRube

As the acquisitions editor at Future House Publishing, I'm constantly on the hunt for magic, swords, cyborgs, and general fantastical mayhem.

Provo, UT

Future House Publishing

Heather Van Fleet @HLVanFleet

Romance author, coffee junkie, bk boyfriend lover. Surrender to Me coming fall '16 from @SourcebooksCasa Rep'd by @DonaghyLiterary content editor @BookFishBooks

BookFish Books

HeidiShoham @heidishoham

Mother of 3 wildlings. Lover of books and coffee. Editorial Director at Entangled Publishing. (FKA Heidi Moore)

The Middle of Nowhere

Entangled Publishing

Holly Ingraham @holly_ingraham

Editor @StMartinsPress & @SMPRomance , twin mom, book lover, Mets' fan, Hufflepuff, eternal optimist. I have puppies named Ninja & Phantom. Opinions are my own.


St. Martin's Press

Iris Blasi @IrisBlasi

Marketing Director & Senior Editor at @Pegasus_Books . I like books and the people who read them. || iris@pegasusbooks.us

East Village | NYC

Pegasus Books

Jamie Zakian @demoness333

I write things, and stuff! Acquiring Editor for Evernight. Author of ASHBY HOLLER (@limitlessbooks, 6/14/16) & EMERGENCE (@Month9Books, 2017) #FicFest NA mentor

Evernight Teen

Jana Armstrong @editorjana

I edit. I read. I write. I edit some more.


Loose Id

janine o'malley @janine_omalley

I edit novelty and picture books, middle grade, and YA for FSG Books for Young Readers


Jasmine Faustino @Jasmine_Aime

Associate Editor @Flatironbooks . Nonfiction reader. Croissant eater. Jeopardy viewer.

Brooklyn, NY

Flatiron Books

Jennifer Croll @jencroll

Author of Bad Girls of Fashion (Annick, 2016) & Fashion That Changed the World (Prestel, 2014). Managing editor @greystonebooks , book reviewer @georgiastraight .

Vancouver, BC

Greystone Books

Jennifer Herrington @jl_herrington

Content editor at BookFish Books, freelance content editor at Lyrical/Kensington & self pub projects. Addicted to sports, coffee, & chocolate. Mom of two boys.


BookFish Books

Jennifer Klonsky @jenniferklonsky

I'm an Editorial Director at HarperCollins Children's Publishing. I am insanely in touch with my inner 14-year-old.

HarperCollins Children's

Jennifer Kurdyla @JenniferKurdyla

Editing @ Alfred A. Knopf, Posing @ Brahman Yoga, Eating @peacedumpling

New York, NY

Alfred A. Knopf

Jennifer Ung @JenPanda

associate editor at simon pulse. board game enthusiast / badass mc. (thoughts are my own.)

New York, NY

Simon Pulse

Jenny Bak @jbak88

Editor of middle-grade and YA books at jimmy patterson (Little, Brown). Hedgehog enthusiast. Hoarder of purple pencils. My opinions are my own.

New York City

Little, Brown and Company

Jessica Almon @MissColaJean

senior editor @razorbillbooks , mostly too shy to tweet

New York City


Jessica MacLeish @jessmacleish

No, I'm a Veronica. / I'm also an editor of books and an all-around word person. / Opinions are my own / duh.

New York


Jillian Laine @LillianJaine

@BlinkYABooks editor. Picture book author. Pajama wearer. Michigan lover. Kitten obsessor. @SCBWI member. @IPPYmag contributor. List maker.

Blink YA Books

Joanna Cardenas @joannananamc

Editor @VikingChildrens . Things that make me happy: books, running, live comedy, Nutella, and my dog. (Tweets are my own)

Body: NYC; Heart: SoCal

Viking Children's

Jocelyn Davies @jocelyndavies

I wrote the A BEAUTIFUL DARK series and up next, THE ODDS OF LIGHTNING. I edit books for teens and tweens. I appreciate a good rom com and a bad pun.

New York


Joe Monti @joemts

Editorial Director of Saga Press, Simon & Schuster; Schemer; Hero Myth Cycle believer. Co-editor of anthology: Diverse Energies. These tweets are my own

Saga Press

Jordan Brown @thisjordanbrown

Children's book editor, baseball fan, feminist, gamer, eater, sleeper. That pretty much covers it.

Brooklyn, NY

HarperCollins Children's Books

Jordan Hamessley @thejordache

Nerdy children's book editor at @EgmontUSA , focusing on YA/middle grade horror & SF. Former musical theatre performer. Current musical theatre nerd.


Jordan Wright @jmonsonwright

Associate Editor with http://t.co/eTImvkwkBk, contract writer camping enthusiast, promoting age-appropriate YA/JF books: http://t.co/UFfnFEwdqL

Jolly Fish Press

Julie Rosenberg @JulieARosenberg

Editor @RazorbillBooks . Book Worm . Obsessive TV Viewer . Gymnastics Enthusiast . All opinions are my own!

New York City (via Honolulu)


Kait Feldmann @kaitfeldmann

Associate Editor at Scholastic. Book hoarder, insomniac, and lover of all things sloth. Opinions are my own.

New York City, NY


Kara Leigh Miller @KaraLeighMille1

Author & Editorial Director for @Anaiahpress . Rep'd by the awesome @blueridgeagency . Pit Bull Lover.

Jackson, MI

Anaiah Press

kara rota @karalearota

editor of books at Macmillan/@flatironbooks; @cookstr podcast; opinions mine only (mostly concerning feminist rage, pro wrestling, & subway reading)

Flatiron Building

Flatiron Books

Karen Chaplin @CapChapReads

Senior Editor of MG and YA for HarperCollins. Book lover (of course!). Mom of two. Aspiring photographer. Television addict. Girl with a sweet tooth.

On the fringe...always


Karmen Q. Cook @KarmenHistory

NY/NJ/PA/WV Acquisitions Editor @HistoryPress @agnesscott BA/DPI grad, 2014. Food+great books. The views on this page are my own. karmen.cook@historypress.net

Arcadia Publishing

Kat Brzozowski @KatBrzozowski

Editor at Thomas Dunne Books / SMP / Lover of Veronica Mars & @hamiltonmusical / Fan of dumplings, donuts. / Granite Stater by birth. Opinions are mine alone.


Thomas Dunne Books

Kate Dresser @KateDresser

Editor at Gallery Books; passionate reader, sporadic housekeeper, unabashed feminist, and consummate lady.

New York, NY

Gallery Books

Kate Sullivan @katert0t

Senior editor of YA & MG books at Delacorte, former nerdy child, now geeky adult. Opinions are my own. DM me for contact info; not conventional RH email format.


Random House

Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat

Associate Editor, Knopf Books for Young Readers. Opinions are my own.

Brooklyn, NY

Katie Bignell @KatieKidsBooks

Associate Editor of picture books and MG at Katherine Tegen Books at HarperChildren's. My other loves: NPR podcasts, baking, and dark chocolate. Duh.


Katherine Tegen Books

Katie Teller @KatieTeller1

Aka Katie Hamstead, Wife, Mum, LDS, Aussie in the US. Author of bestselling Kiya Trilogy. Acqu Editor for Curiosity Quills. Organizer of #SonofaPitch RWA Member


Curiosity Quills

Kelly Delaney @kellyunderwater

Associate Editor at Alfred A. Knopf BFYR. California transplant. Live music fan. Views are my own.

New York, NY

Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers

Kelly O'Connor @kellyoc5

Currently living the dream as associate editor at @orbitbooks . I'm a big fan of positive reinforcement, books, and cheese.


Orbit Books

Kenna Blaylock @KennaBlaylock

Personal Assistant to Dan Wells. Managing Editor for Jolly Fish Press. Reader. Lover of all things nerdy.

Jolly Fish Press

Kerri Buckley @BuckleyKerri

Sr. Editor @ Harlequin's Carina Press. All opinions my own.


Carina Press

Kimberley Atkins @kimberleyatkins

Commissioning Editor for @PenguinBooksAus - looking for stories! Addicted to Disney, Diet Coke, grapes and country music. Opinions are mine, mine, mine, mine.

Sydney, New South Wales

Penguin Books Australia

Kisa Whipkey @KisaWhipkey

| Fantasy Author | Artist | Freelance Editor | Martial Arts Demo Team Expert | Acquisitions & Editorial Director for REUTS Publications: http://t.co/C1sqvd4spp

Vancouver, WA

REUTS Publications

Kristin Ostby @kristinostby

Senior editor at Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. Animal lover. Feminist. Snail-mail fanaticist. Michigander. Wolverine. Luna Lovegood. Opinions mine.

Brooklyn, NY

Simon & Schuster

Laura Maisano @MaisanoLaura

Author of #Schism and #Unity from MuseItUp Publishing. Senior Editor for Surge imprint @AnaiahPress . Wife, Mom, Browncoat, Scaper, and overall nerd.

Anaiah Surge

Laura Schreiber @lscribs

Senior Editor at Disney-Hyperion. I'm letting out that breath I didn't know I was holding. Opinions are my own :)



Lauren Appleton @LBApple

Associate Editor at TarcherPerigee, a @penguinusa imprint. I enjoy wit and sarcasm.

New York, NY


Lauren Knowles @knowles_editor

Associate Editor at Page Street Publishing. Nonfiction and YA.

Boston, MA

Page Street Publishing

Leah Hultenschmidt @LeahHulten

Editorial Director for Forever & Forever Yours at Grand Central Publishing, acquiring romance & New Adult. Opinions are my own & not company related.


Forever Romance

Lee Harris @LeeAHarris

Senior Editor at https://t.co/bt1hKKAAmd Publishing. I've edited books that have won the Hugo, Nebula, Arthur C Clarke, Alex, Kitchies, PK Dick & Locus Awards.

York (home) and NYC (work).

Tor Books

Leila Sales @LeilaSalesBooks

Author of Mostly Good Girls, Past Perfect, This Song Will Save Your Life, Tonight the Streets Are Ours, and Once Was a Time. Kids' book editor. Chocolate lover.

New York City

Viking Children's Books

Liesa Abrams @BatgirlEditor

Batman-loving, cake-adoring editor of fantastic books for teens and tweens at Simon & Schuster. (Tweets are my own.)

Simon & Schuster

Lindsey Hall @LindseyHall17

Editor of SF/F and commercial fiction books. Nerd(dork) extraordinaire. all opinions are my own.

New York, NY


Lisa Yoskowitz @LisaYoskowitz

Executive Editor at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. I pretty much tweet small talk. Opinions are my own.

New York, NY

Little, Brown and Company

Lucy Bell @LucySquiggle

Editor working in book publishing. Professional bookworm, photographer, and pianist. Likes cake, tea, shoes, and Oxford commas.

Pantera Press

Mackenzie Walton @mackenziewalton

Freelance romance editor, full-time nerd. Affiliated with Carina Press, but opinions are my own. She/Her

Carina Press

Madeleine Colavita @m_colavita

Associate Editor by day, and also by night. Always @ForeverRomance . All opinions are my own, et cetera et cetera.

New York, NY

Forever Romance

Mandy Schoen @Mandy_Schoen

Freelance Editor / Senior Editor at Georgia McBride Media Group (@swoonromance and @month9books ) / Probably lost in a book. Or a parking lot.

Georgia McBride Media Group

Marci Clark @Marci_Clark

Content/Developmental/Acquisitions Editor for @lyricalpress / @kensingtonbooks , author, freelance writer, pet lover, wife, and all around kickass mom.

Lyrical Press

Marco Palmieri @mxpalmieri

Senior Editor @torbooks @tordotcom @TorDotComPub #TorLabs Petty dabbler. Gazpacho fiend. The Rev. All synaptic misfires my own.

New York City

Tor Books

Martha Mihalick @MarthaMihalick

Children's/YA book editrix, Greenwillow Books, An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

Brooklyn, NY

Greenwillow Books

Matt R. @doesntmattr

Senior editor at Scholastic but tweets are my own. Bad TV & movie enthusiast & went half on a podcast. BB17 recapper. Prob def.

New York


MCainCityOwl @MaryCityOwl

Associate Editor at City Owl Press. On the prowl for romance novels/novellas, esp. holiday themed & contemporary. Send queries to mcain@cityowlpress.com

Maryland, USA

City Owl Press

McKelle George @McKelleGeorge

writer of novels (rep'd by @grimmlit ), story-hunting editor @jollyfishpress , and librarian @SnowLib .

pulled by the stars again

Jolly Fish Press

Megan Gunderson @EditorMeg

Reader, moviegoer, mid-level nerd. Editorial Director of Magic Wagon at ABDO. fiction@abdopublishing.com Opinions are my own, RTs simply of interest.



Melissa Ann Singer @maseditor

Senior Editor at Tor/Forge Books and all-around nerd. Single Mother by Choice. All opinions are my own.

Melissa Endlich @MelissaEndlich

Senior Editor for Harlequin's Love Inspired Books. I'm crazy about books, baking, ballet, tennis, movies and tv. And Hugh Jackman! Instagram: nyc_editor_life

New York, NY

Melissa Faulner @la_melisma

Assc. Publishing Mgr, Dutton Children's Books; reader; baker; drinker of hot beverages; feminist rager against the patriarchy. (Tweets are mine.)

New York, NY

Dutton Children's Books

Melissa Frain @frain

Editor at Tor (Macmillan). Lover of hot chocolate, high fives, and the Phillies. I use antlers in all of my decorating. Opinions are my own.

New York, NY

Melissa Miller @MelissaEdits

Spent childhood trying to jump into paintings, find secret passageways, and befriend apex predators. Senior Editor at HarperCollins Children’s books.

New York


Mercedes Fernandez @EditorMercedes

Editor. Pop music lover. Coffee addict.

New York City

Kensington Publishing

Meredith Rich @MeredithJHRich

Editor of YA, NA, and Romance for Bloomsbury Spark, former bookseller & historical reenactor. Looking for good coffee, better soft pretzels, & the best books.

New York City

Bloomsbury Spark

Miriam Juskowicz @onlyM

Editor of YA and commercial women's fic @ Amazon Publishing (views are my own). Slytherclaw.

Brooklyn, NY

Amazon Publishing

Miriam Weinberg @MiriamAnneW

EdiTOR at work, book hoarder at home. Gin was like mother's milk to her.(thoughts are my own)

Brooklyn, NY


Miss Witch 🔥 @aliamaria9

Can-do candid kind of person. I work in kid's publishing (HMH), and I love @Publix and croquetas. Cuban Miamian. Thoughts: my own. Life is a banquet.

New York City, NY

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Missy Shirley @missyshirley2

Contemporary Romance Writer, lover of all things small town, mother of 8, editor for Three Worlds Press

Three Worlds Press

Namrata Tripathi @Tweetpathi

Children's book editor, New York City resident, and professional alien.

New York City

Dial Books for Young Readers

Natasha Simons @ndotsimons

A biped, ungrateful. Ravenclaw with Slytherin rising.

New York

Simon and Schuster

Navah Wolfe @navahw

Hugo-nomd SFF Editor @ Saga Press. Slytherin, philomath, nerd. Addicted to tea, fairy tale retellings, gorgeous storytelling. Nickname: Calamitea. Opinions mine

Saga Press

Nicole Fischer @nicolefischer13

Associate Editor @ HarperCollins (Avon/WilliamMorrow). CA girl in the big city. Reader/Editor of dirty(ish) books & tweeter of dirty(ish) things. Opinions=mine

New York City


Nicole Frail @nfrail17

Books, books, food, books. // Fic & Nonfic Editor @skyhorsepub // I RT pics of food. Often. // Freelance editorial services available // Views are my own.

Cedar Grove, NJ

Skyhorse Publishing

Nicole Tone @nicoleatone

Acquisitions Editor @Pandamoonpub . Novelist, SCAD MFA, #binder , @WF_Writers member & lover of coffee. LAKE EFFECT out from @REUTSPub Winter '16.

Buffalo, NY

Pandamoon Publishing

Niki Papadopoulos @niki_pop

Don't send me your millennials book. Nonfiction editor at @portfoliobooks , @PenguinUSA . Nerd / Greenpointer / Feminist. Opinions are my own.

New York, NY

Portfolio Books

Orlando Dos Reis @odosreis

Editor at Scholastic. Lover of books and bourbon. Not-so-patiently waiting for a Coyote Ugly sequel. Views are my own.

New York, USA


Patricia E. Riley @PatriciaERiley

I am seriously (in-need-of-professional-help-seriously) addicted to Young Adult books and caffeine. Editor of books. Mother of 2 [people, not books].

Maryland, USA

Spencer Hill Press

Priyanka Krishnan @mspriyanka

Editor by trade. Part of the fabulous Voyager/Avon/Morrow team at HarperCollins. Still figuring the rest out. More TK.

Wherever the coffee is


Rachel Griffiths @Rsgriffiths

Scholastic employs me as an editor, but they want no part of my tweets.


Rachel Jackson @RachelJacksonHP

Associate editor at @HeneryPress . | The truth is out there. | On your left. | May the force be with you.

Henery Press

Rachel Stark @syntactics

Editor at @skyponypress . Member of House Stark; more of an Arya than a Tony. Opinions are my own (but still the best). Pic by @jarrettwilliams . She/her.

New York

Sky Pony Press

Rebecca Brewer @RebeccaTheGeek

Associate Editor of SF/F books at Ace/Roc & official cupcake whisperer. Contains talk of: books, food, theatre, cute animals and geeky tidbits. Opinions my own.

Astoria, NY


Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon

Managing editor at @Jol łyFishPress. Freelance editor. Shameless fan of sci-fi & fantasy. Send queries to submit@jollyfishpress.com, attn: Reece Hanzon.

Sandy, UT

Jolly Fish Press

Rhoda Belleza @rhodabee

Author of EMPRESS OF A THOUSAND SKIES and BLOOD OF A THOUSAND STARS (@RazorbillBooks). Editor at the imprint Imprint (@ImprintReads).

Brooklyn, NY


robinhaseltine @robinhaseltine

Sr Editor@EntangledPub, Liz Pelletier's AE, Award-winning writer, freelance editor. Parrot nut, and Rockhound.

On the Lake

Entangled Publishing

Sally Morgridge @smorgridge

New Yorker - Associate Editor at Holiday House Books for Young People - hungry person - Christmas fanatic - opinions are my own

New York City

Holiday House Books

Sara Minnich @ZaMinn

Senior Editor, book addict, frequent eater of Thai food, library lover, big-town working girl leading a small-town life.

New York

G.P. Putnam's Sons

Sara Sargent @Sara_Sargent

Executive Editor of YA, middle grade, and picture books at HarperCollins Publishers. Instagram: @Sara_Sargent



Sara Schonfeld @SaraSchon

Penguin Editorial, superhero nerd, cookie lover. (Opinions my own.)


Sarah Barley @the_SDB

Executive editor at Flatiron Books

New York, NY

Flatiron Books

Sarah Cantin @sarahgcantin

Senior Editor @atriabooks . Runner. New Yorker. Above-average conversationalist. Owner of many unused cookbooks.

Atria Books

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan

Works in the book trade (edits #scifi & #fantasy for @orbitbooks ). @Stanford alum, New Yorker, Earth citizen. I ❤️ history, theatre, and SCIENCE! #WNDB #Resist

New York

Orbit Books

Sarah Lyons @SarahSGLyons

Editorial Director @riptidebooks . Queer, kinky, poly, tattooed. Recovering academic, former soldier. Mother, Janeite, reader, crazy cat lady. Fierce. (she/her)

North Carolina

Riptide Publishing

Sarah Shumway Liu @sarahshum

children's and teen fiction editor at Bloomsbury Publishing, plus a bunch of other things

New York

Bloomsbury Publishing

Sarena Ulibarri @sarenaulibarri

Speculative Fiction Writer ❂ Editor-in-Chief of @WorldWeaver_wwp ❂ MFA from CU Boulder ❂ Clarion 2014

Albuquerque, NM

World Weaver Press

Shana Asaro @shana_asaro

Formerly Shana Smith. Associate Editor at Harlequin's Love Inspired imprint. I love cupcakes, my dog, HGTV, Starbucks, Gilmore Girls and weather disaster plots.

New York

Love Inspired

Shana Corey @shanacorey

Editor. Writer of girl power picture books. Purveyor of Best-Quality Peppermint Tonic.


Random House

Sharyn November @sn0vember

Sr. Editor/Viking Children's, Queen Emerita/Firebird Books, omnivorous reader and candy eater, oppositionalist, smoker. Not a 'nerd,' 'geek,' or 'fangirl.'

inside my body

Viking Children's

Sherry D. Ficklin @AuthorSherry

Author of Queen Of Someday & Playing With Fire. Acquisitions Editor w/ @cleanteenpub . Represented by @NadiaCornier at Firebrand Literary

Colorado, USA

Clean Teen Publishing

Stacey Friedberg @StaceyFriedberg

I'm an associate editor at Dial Books for Young Readers. I like puppies and baking and ALL of the chocolate. Opinions here are my own.

Dial Books for Young Readers

Stacy Cantor Abrams @StacyAbramsEdit

Executive Editorial Director for @EntangledTeen and @CrushCraveEP imprints. I tweet about my puppy, my books, my husband, & my love for @Weechagirl .


Entangled Teen

Stephen Morgan @Stephen_Edits

Fitness fanatic. Watches YOU'VE GOT MAIL six times a year. Editor for Entangled Publishing

Entangled Publishing

Susan Brooks @oosuzieq

I write, I paint, I laugh as much as possible.Acquisition Editor at Champagne Books & Conference Chair RMFW http://t.co/Z08Ish6Z7Z

Denver, CO

Susan Litman @susan_litman

Editor for Harlequin Special Edition. Entertainment junkie, cookbook addict & 80's music lover. Where's my coffee?! Follow me on Instagram @NYC_Editor_Life

New York


T.S. Ferguson @TeeEss

Editor at Harlequin TEEN, TV addict, emoticon abuser, lover of the scary/edgy/emotional. Tweets do not reflect the opinions of my employer. Hufflepuff. He/him.

New York City

Harlequin TEEN

Tahra Seplowin @calixofcoffee

I read. I edit. I format. I send lots of emails. Books are rainbows made of glitter. Let's make your manuscript shine. [opinions mine] [FN.LN]@harlequin.com

En Why See

Harlequin Books

Tara @Taragel

Reader, Writer, Exec Editor at @Crimson_Romance (Simon & Schuster), Pop culture junkie, TV obsessive, internet addict, yarnaholic.

Rhode Island

Crimson Romance

Tera Cuskaden @TeraCus

Lover of books, booze, shoes, makeup, cats, tattoos, knitting, and whatever makes me cool. Or something. Editorial Director, Entangled Select Otherworld

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Samhain Publishing

Teresa A Edgerton @venusascending1

Imprint of Tickety Boo Press, Venus Ascending is looking for romantic fantasy and science fiction. See our submission guidelines: https://t.co/8YYd5ATZP4

Venus Ascending

The Editor @EyeOnFlux

I'm the editor for Flux, the young adult imprint of Llewellyn Worldwide.

Twin Cities, MN


Tiffany Liao @Tiff_Liao

Associate Editor at @RazorbillBooks , reppin' the 408 in the land of 212. @swarthmore alum. It's pronounced meow with an L. Opinions are my own.

Razorbill, Penguin Young Readers Group

TJ da Roza @TJdaRozaEditor

Editorial Director for Jolly Fish Press. Sci-fi YA thrillers, horror for MG and up, realistic and brutal fantasy.


Jolly Fish Press

TracyMontoya @TracyMontoya

Entangled Senior Editor, once and future author (I like editing better), nonprofit editor, catracha, and Denise Austin's arch-nemesis.

Entangled Publishing

Wendy Chen @wendychenbooks

Author of Romantic Fiction. THE JOB PROPOSAL @DiversionBooks ; Editor @entangledpub ; Marketing @washingtonpost ; Tweets on reading, writing, marketing, motherhood

DC, Northern VA

Entangled Publishing

Wendy McClure @Wendy_Mc

Author of Wanderville (for kids), The Wilder Life (for grownups), and editor at @AlbertWhitman (but tweets are mine here). I write & churn butter.


Albert Whitman & Company

Zareen Jaffery @ZareenJaffery

Personal Acct of Executive Editor @SimonTEEN @SimonKIDS and @SalaamReads

somewhere with wifi

Simon and Schuster