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Amy Rosenbaum


Rights Manager at Nancy Yost Literary Agency (@nyliterary). International women of mystery, probably.


Nancy Yost Literary Agency

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · 6d

Watching Say Yes to the Dress on and off and oh my gosh there is a hijabi consultant at Kleinfeld and I need a YA/NA contemp now. #RBWL

#MSWL , y'all! https://t.co/QHDlh7EfYs

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Dec 10

Cassandra is still the most tragic story to come out of the Trojan War. Any good books on her? #MSWL

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Dec 4

#MSWL as a YA rom com: Two teens partner up to make crossword puzzles https://t.co/807b6d2xF8

Amy RosenBOOm @simplebookworm · Oct 7

@simplebookworm I have written this book! (MG) -Can I send it to you? ( I saw that you're closed to queries)

@LindseyAquila Hi, Lindsey! I am closed to queries rn. I use #MSWL to keep track of what I want for the future. I do appreciate you asking!

Amy RosenBOOm @simplebookworm · Oct 6

I'm craving manuscripts where the protagonists aren't just tough or smart...I want characters who are clever. #MSWL

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Sep 26

Somebody write me this musical video as a YA novel, please. I need it: https://t.co/5qFCsZog90 #MSWL #moreGLBTQAIYA

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Sep 17

"An Annual Dutch Flower Parade Uses Millions of Dahlias to Create These Dazzling Floats" https://t.co/Wr8Zilc5ZZ #MSWL

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Sep 16

"If you take the flesh of one genre and hang them on the bones of another, you often get interesting results." https://t.co/oNc19wl38B #MSWL

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Sep 15

.@chaykak on real estate making us into different people: "Playing House: When an Airbnb gives you a new identity" https://t.co/XgGbbtoM95

"I thought about how the house might be remodeling us, or what stories we might be telling about ourselves within it." #MSWL

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Aug 18

@simplebookworm I am absolutely not joking.

.@doesntmattr OK, then! Let's put the internet on it... :P #MSWL "a prank war that takes place on a teen tour of Italy: Losers buy gelato"

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Aug 5

ahead of opening ceremonies, I explored wtf you do if you're an athlete and have your period at the olympics: https://t.co/ADOZI7bREt

YES! More of this in YA too, please. #MSWL https://t.co/PxJ3cCfx97

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Aug 5

Q: What did Catalina de Euraso do to a man who tried to cheat her of money in cards? #BBBTrivia

The answer is SKEWERED HIS HAND TO A TABLE. So, basically, #MSWL https://t.co/0yGmuRND9M

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Jul 26

I want manuscripts that feel like Dr. Jillian Holtzmann...Smart, weird, ridiculously loveable. #MSWL https://t.co/krPxLX8eOo

A manuscript pops up and you're all #MSWL https://t.co/SOMJTmPKsv

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Jul 26

I want manuscripts that feel like Dr. Jillian Holtzmann...Smart, weird, ridiculously loveable. #MSWL https://t.co/krPxLX8eOo

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Jul 20

“I imagine those small universes as temples and their owners as guardians.” #MSWL https://t.co/2iPqSlej0z

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Jul 15

A learned society of novelists do battle against a city.

#MSWL https://t.co/dW8VqIqt81

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Jul 1

#MSWL ? A NYT comment: "a new entire new therapeutic focus that tries to help humans deal with their own extinction" https://t.co/aMMwUPISQC

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Jun 9

@simplebookworm the agency site says you're closed to queries. Is that correct?

@SeeSaraScribe Yes! But the #MSWL will still be true when I open. :)

Amy Rosenbaum @simplebookworm · Jun 9

Finding myself really drawn to desert books recently. (Blame REBEL OF THE SANDS?) Always a strong sense of place for my #MSWL