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Erotica writer, anthologist, and collector of shiny things.

Cori Vidae @CoriVidae · Aug 31

Starting tomorrow @WorldWeaver_wwp is open to speculative romance submissions. Here's my wishlist:…

Cori Vidae @CoriVidae · Aug 28

Here is my #MSWL for @WorldWeaver_wwp 's forthcoming submission window -->

Cori Vidae @CoriVidae · Jan 27

I'm hoping to acquire a book during Feb.'s open submission period -- here's my (vague) wishlist :) #sfflunch #mswl

Cori Vidae @CoriVidae · Dec 16

#SFFlunch @WendySparrow Each of our editors will post a #MSWL as we get closer to the submission period. #SFFlunch #pubtip

Spoilers: The short version of my #MSWL is -- time travel, steampunk and/or non-wolf shapeshifters. #sfflunch @WorldWeaver_wwp

Cori Vidae @CoriVidae · Dec 18 2015

Here's my 2015 #MSWL --> I'd love to update that for 2016 & say I've found either a kinky or a steampunk romance :)

Cori Vidae @CoriVidae · Nov 29 2015

I adore Rhett Butler. Someone write me a novel with a Rhett-esque Dom, please and thank you. #mswl

Cori Vidae @CoriVidae · Sep 13 2015

@CoriVidae @RedMoonRomance Sometimes there is such a thing as too many choices. And I was prolific for a while.

. @WendySparrow @RedMoonRomance More of our #MSWL s :) Laura - And myself -

Cori Vidae @CoriVidae · Aug 11 2015

Also, if you're pitching a novel straight off my #MSWL (esp. kinky and/or steampunk romance) feel free to @ me so I don't miss it #AdPit

Cori Vidae @CoriVidae · Aug 8 2015

Lots of great queries in the #AdPit forums, but I'm being super duper picky b/c I'm hungry for the things on my #MSWL

Cori Vidae @CoriVidae · Jun 18 2015

My current #MSWL is here --> (I give serious bonus marks for kink. #justsayin )

Cori Vidae @CoriVidae · Jun 10 2015

#MSWL I'm still hungry for an erotic 2nd world fantasy, a kinky romance & a steampunk romance (kink would be a plus)