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ghost christine👻🖤 @christineexists · Jul 19

Sometimes I wish I was an editor so I could be like "look just give me the weirdest gay shit you got."

Yo but like #mswl tho

ghost christine👻🖤 @christineexists · Jun 20

Female doctors from India, Japan, & Syria who finished their education as physicians in Philadelphia, 1885


ghost christine👻🖤 @christineexists · Mar 29

a book where the "chosen one" dies 10% of the way in & then smart brave ppl step up & solve the problem bc choice > destiny, always #mswl

ghost christine👻🖤 @christineexists · Mar 16

please stop using the phrase "strong female protagonist" in queries #mswl

ghost christine👻🖤 @christineexists · Mar 10

make female characters have their periods in fantasy books GIVE FEMALE CHARACTERS BIRTH CONTROL IN FANTASY BOOKS #mswl