Agent Auggie


Literary agent in training. Corgi. Rawhide bone enthusiast. Works with @ericsmithrocks and @beautybritches .

Ann Arbor, MI

Agent Auggie @agentauggie · Nov 8

Teddy bear or dog? The world may never know

Mysteries like this are very high on my #MSWL .

Agent Auggie @agentauggie · Nov 2

“Mom, tell me a story about a librarian who owns 100 corgis.” Sounds like a pitch for @agentauggie


Agent Auggie @agentauggie · Jul 4

I'm seeking a novel about a brave dog who defeats fireworks once and for all. #MSWL

Agent Auggie @agentauggie · May 22

Looking for powerful, character-driven sci-fi novels that feature corgis. #MSWL

Agent Auggie @agentauggie · Feb 8

I'm actively seeking fiction that reflects the joys of the world around us. The best parts of being alive. #MSWL

Agent Auggie @agentauggie · Dec 2 2016

"There is a folk legend that says corgis were a gift from woodland fairies..." A novel about this is on my #MSWL .

Agent Auggie @agentauggie · Sep 13 2016

I'm really into "cli-fi" lately. #MSWL I'd love to read powerful stories of survival against the harshest elements:

Agent Auggie @agentauggie · Aug 29 2016

I'd love to see more stories featuring puppies in YA. #MSWL Like in THE NEW GUY by @theames , one of my favorites.