Vanessa Marie Robins


Non-Amish. Champion of cheese. Chiweenie mother.

Quarryville, PA

Corvisiero Literary Agency

Vanessa Marie Robins @VanessaRobins7 · 16 Jun 2017

#MSWL YA or NA sarcastic telanovela in the tone of Jane the Virgin with a strong female lead.

Vanessa Marie Robins @VanessaRobins7 · 25 May 2017

Would love a MS with a female realtor as the MC. Just imagine the stories about what people leave behind in their houses #MSWL

Vanessa Marie Robins @VanessaRobins7 · 21 Jan 2016

#MSWL an entire book of open letters to and from police officers.

Vanessa Marie Robins @VanessaRobins7 · 21 Jan 2016

#MSWL real life YA or NA stories about characters with chronic illnesses, alzheimers, blindness, concussions, cerebral palsy, deafness, etc.