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Antonica Jones 🌈 @AntonicaJones · Dec 6

Daily Q: What are some things you'd love to see more of in #TransLit ? Feel free to use the hashtag in your reply!

Love the answers to this Q. #TransLit with HEAs, where transness is 'present but not in focus', where cis is not th…

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Sep 27

Where are the white YA writers who want to write about learning & unlearning their own bigotry as white youth? Tell that story.

#MSWL tbh...

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Jun 30

In #shortstories : provoke. Poke at the world. Strong resolutions that leave us asking questions of ourselves. Weird us out. PROVOKE. #MSWL

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Jun 30

& my #MSWL currently looks a little like this: #ownvoices LGBT & mental illness, where those aspects aren't necessarily the main plotlines.

Ace/aro #YA protags. #ownvoices intersex & enby protags. In everything. Litfic, scifi, fantasy... EVERYWHERE. #representationmatters #MSWL

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Jun 30

& my #MSWL currently looks a little like this: #ownvoices LGBT & mental illness, where those aspects aren't necessarily the main plotlines.

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Jun 17

Last fave: @AlvaradoFrazier 's BEYOND THE BARS. Sounds awesome & SUCH a strong voice. Can't wait to read. #MSWL #WCNV

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Jun 17

I *love* this opening. #WCNV Good luck @thessilian , wishing you all the best!! #MSWL

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Jun 17

And okay, this #YA just sounds brilliant. Great concept. Go get it, @pendanttrilogy ! #MSWL

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Jun 17

Absolutely fab #MG story here, I hope it gets picked up and does great things! #WCNV Good luck @writemeera ! #MSWL

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Jun 14

#WCNV observation: We've LOVED entries that are unapologetic about culture. Use family names, use non-english words, name foods #ownvoices

Can't wait to see what #WCNV pulls into the spotlight. This is fantastic. Total #MSWL . #ownvoices

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · May 17

Go to meetings all day. Come back to find this #MuslimSquadWL jem. Stories about strong women from Islamic history needed as YA, fic, nonfic

Couldn't agree more <3 #MuslimSquadWL writers, editors, pubs - keep doing amazing things #MSWL

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · May 17

Missed #MuslimSquadWL yesterday but loving reading through the HT now. Check out the amazingness in the tag! I want to read them all! #MSWL

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Apr 25

This has been a teeny tiny rant on prologues, all subjective, ofc... (Make it go away. You don't need it. You're better than that.) #MSWL

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Apr 25

In fact, if your prologue is under 500 words, it really just shouldn't exist. Under 200 words? In ITALICS? Diiiiieeeeeee. #MSWL

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Apr 25

Also, if your prologue is under 500 words and contains any sentence that ends with an ellipsis, pls cut it. #MSWL #onlyhalfjoking

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Apr 25

PSA: The prologue is dead, people. Especially when set way in the past. Or from a character's POV who isn't the narrator. ?? #MSWL #letitdie

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Mar 22 2016

An astronomer discovers that homosexuality is controlling our destiny.

#MSWL if I ever saw one

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Mar 11 2016

Disabled queer women. Neuroatypical queer women. Fat queer women and scarred queer women. GIVE ME ALL OF THEM. LGBT fans deserve better.

#LRT cosigned #MSWL

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Mar 10 2016

#A & #YA honest contemp lit fic that doesn't settle for ennui. Lit fic that lifts, laughs. Feminist lit fic. #MSWL

Also, give me budget spaceships, rough-edged dictatorships, "I have no idea what I'm doing" protags, imperfect love. Make it real #MSWL