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Senior Editor at Tor Books. Ronin at Otherworld Editorial. Petty dabbler. Gazpacho fiend. All opinions, ill-conceived notions, and synaptic misfires my own.

New York City

Tor Books

Marco Palmieri @mxpalmieri · Feb 22

Mission to TRAPPIST-1. Weird shit goes down. Hard SF. Blow my mind. Go. #MSWL

Marco Palmieri @mxpalmieri · Dec 31

Is there a marine biologist Hard SF writer in the house?? #MSWL

Marconstantine @mxpalmieri · Oct 29 2015

A novel waiting to happen. "When Robots Colonize the Cosmos, Will They Be Conscious?" (Op-Ed) via @SPACEdotcom #MSWL

Marco Palmieri @mxpalmieri · Sep 16 2015

Human civilization on Enceladus. Far future. Hard SF. Go. #MSWL

Marco Palmieri @mxpalmieri · Mar 6 2015

Ancient Mars. Lost civilization. Hard SF. Go. #MSWL

Marco Palmieri @mxpalmieri · Feb 18 2015

Hard SF: A fresh, really thoughtful take on sentient robots / androids / AIs and the ways their introduction would change humanity. #MSWL

Marco Palmieri @mxpalmieri · Feb 18 2015

Fantasy novels exploring nonwestern mythologies. #MSWL

Marco Palmieri @mxpalmieri · Feb 18 2015

Feminist dieselpunk / noir SF/F novel. #MSWL

Marco Palmieri @mxpalmieri · Feb 18 2015

SF thriller set on a thriving lunar colony. #MSWL