Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Sep 13

Happy #MSWL Day! I will be back later today to tweet specifics, but in general--YA sci-fi, YA fantasy, YA contemp, all must have romance. 📚💕

all of my wishes from the last #MSWL day still apply, so please just refer to this thread, since I'm still on a Twi…

Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Aug 21

Who else now wants to write a YA about two space nerds who meet cute at an eclipse party?

hey if anyone writes this please submit to me @ Entangled when it's ready! #mswl

Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Aug 17

YA want: Give me your #RiseUp books. Contemporary or fantasy setting. Let me see that not everything is awful. Bonus points for LGBT+ #MSWL

also want #mswl

Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Jul 20

Sometimes I wish I was an editor so I could be like "look just give me the weirdest gay shit you got."


Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Jul 5

currently seeking books for the Teen Crave line! If you think yours is a fit, please submit to my attention: #mswl

Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Jun 21

a reminder, I still want this: a new twist on a YA Sherlock, any genre must also have romance #mswl

Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Jun 17

for my general #mswl and how to submit to me: I usually tweet my more specific wishes. Also, watch the EP blog.

Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Jun 17

also still seeking a romance with characters who are ballet dancers in YA or NA, doesn't have to be contemporary but contemp is ok #mswl

Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Jun 17

I've seen some good YA dragon mss lately but they've all been "close but not quite" - still looking for that perfect one! #mswl 🔥🐉📚

Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Apr 5

A Hospital of Sapphire and Thunderstorms

sounds like Shutter Island meets X-Men and yes please #MSWL

Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Feb 16

I spent the last #mswl day talking about just my YA wishes - but I want adult romance too! Contemporary any heat level & hot historical.

Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Feb 16

#mswl - adult contemp romance w/ wealthy powerful alpha heroes & strong "everyday" heroines - stories that involve travel - s3xy witty fun

Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Feb 8

#MSWL I can list wishes all day long, so I'll stop there. If you aren't sure, JUST SEND IT. I can give to another editor if it's not for me.

Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Feb 8

#MSWL YA contemp romance - some tropes I love - fake relationship, rivalry, mistaken identity, ugly duckling, brother's/sister's best friend

Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Feb 8

#MSWL I also want YA contemp romance where the romance IS the story; the plot works to serve the romance rather than vice versa. Uses tropes

Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Feb 8

#MSWL for YA in general any genre: characters with secrets; ill-fated lovers; heroes who don't feel they're heroic; villains we love to hate

Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · Feb 8

#MSWL contemp YA- wit & humor is always a plus, but I don't want comedy. I want drama, tough decisions, challenged beliefs. Laughter + tears