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Managing editor at @Jol łyFishPress. Freelance editor. Shameless fan of sci-fi & fantasy. Send queries to, attn: Reece Hanzon.

Sandy, UT

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Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Apr 25

Been reading a ton of sci-fi recently. Ready for a really good fantasy book! #MSWL #YA #F #DVpit

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Sep 22 2016

I love YA, but am inundated with it. Give me adult high fantasy and sci-fi—great characters and tragedies that change lives forever #mswl

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Sep 18 2016

Seeking realistic non-military space opera, with complex characters, believable tech. Aliens a plus. See #MSWL

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Sep 18 2016

Craving exciting high fantasy: rich secondary world, complex characters, subtle magic, and high stakes. See #MSWL

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · May 27 2016

Looking for high fantasy with tones of H.P. Lovecraft. Ancient horrors and sanity-bending consequences for MC. #MSWL #jollyfishpress

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · May 16 2016

Craving a great space opera, non-earth setting, with a character-driven plot spiced up with good action and real danger. #mswl #scifi

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Apr 23 2016

Looking for fast-paced, adult high fantasy (but not frame/portal stories) w/ unconventional characters. See #mswl

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Apr 4 2016

It's like three quarters of all fantasy submissions are portal fantasy. Please no more! I want adult fantasy thriller. #mswl #jollyfishpress

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Feb 26 2016

I love a well-written YA, but I've a surfeit of it now. Give me adult fantasy and sci-fi! #MSWL #JollyFishPress

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Jan 3 2016

Dying for epic or sword-and-sorcery fantasy with strong inca/Andean influence. #mswl #WeNeedDiverseBooks

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Nov 27 2015

Looking for complex space opera with non-humanoid aliens. #mswl

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Oct 24 2015

Fantasy writers: I'm tired of prophecies about specific people; the Chosen One trope is dead for now. Try something new! #mswl

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Sep 26 2015

Craving non-military space opera with round characters and lots of excitement. See guidelines at #mswl

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Aug 6 2015

@LZats I'd like to see some Hindu or Andean influences—especially the Inca culture. #mswl

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Jul 11 2015

Still looking for non-mil space opera: non-earth, futuristic setting. How does it affect people? #MSWL

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Jun 28 2015

I want elements of Lovecraft, Stoker, Shelley, etc., set in a fantasy world. I want you to creep me out! #MSWL

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Jun 28 2015

Longing for dark, semi-gothic fantasy, with the feel of Lovecraft or Stoker's Dracula! Follow guidelines at #MSWL

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Jun 25 2015

I would love a good fantasy horror novel! If you have one, follow submission guidelines at #MSWL

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Jun 25 2015

“@LZats: Q376: Frankly, I'm sick of Greek Gods. Send me something new! #500queries #everyquery ” Here, here! #MSWL

Reece Hanzon @Reece_Hanzon · Jun 15 2015

I like fantasy that DOESN'T start in the real world. I feel such stories are more authentic. Written one? #MSWL