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Elayne Becker @ElayneABecker · Sep 12

#MSWL (last one, I promise): Outdoorsy YA! Hiking stories, survival sagas, ocean adventures (Free Willy retelling?). Sky's the limit!

Elayne Becker @ElayneABecker · Sep 12

#MSWL A novel that combines horses (or another animal) with overcoming trauma, reminiscent of Heartland or The Horse Whisperer.

Elayne Becker @ElayneABecker · Sep 12

#MSWL Always looking for characters with disabilities or invisible illnesses. Speculative or not!

Elayne Becker @ElayneABecker · Sep 12

#MSWL day! A YA Odyssey retelling. A tragic yet beautiful love story a la The Girl in the Fireplace. Anything w/ the atmosphere of Poldark.

Elayne Becker @ElayneABecker · Aug 29

#MSWL : Find me a book that feels like this song. πŸ’”πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜­πŸ‘πŸ» https://t.co/pdCk8RIGZ4

Elayne Becker @ElayneABecker · Nov 2 2016

Hey, agents! I've got a new profile up on #MSWL . Send me all of the things! :D https://t.co/qrJTTCLgHY https://t.co/ELVC5lljaX

Elayne Becker @ElayneABecker · Oct 14 2016

Okay, finishing this week with an unusually-formatted #MSWL : give me a book, YA or adult, that feels like this song. https://t.co/b7SRM3uetd

Elayne Becker @ElayneABecker · Aug 30 2016

#MSWL YA heroines who are not so tiny that clothes fall off their bodies. I see this all the time nowadays. Show me body diversity instead!

Elayne Becker @ElayneABecker · Aug 23 2016

That time I fulfilled a lifelong dream and visited a wolf sanctuary/education center... Look how gorgeous!! 😍🐾 https://t.co/2tD0Po78kl

@ElayneABecker To which I should add, #mswl a story featuring wolves as the good guys, not the bad guys! Tired of seeing them villainized.

Elayne Becker @ElayneABecker · Apr 14 2016

I want more YA protagonists with disabilities. But not a story *about* their disabilities. Their disabilities are just part of them. #MSWL

Elayne Becker @ElayneABecker · Aug 24 2015

Feast your eyes on the cover for #Flamecaster by @cindachima ! http://t.co/Hpn17JkoVs http://t.co/nvorZpb8go

A book to watch for! I ADORE @CindaChima 's Seven Realms series. (#MSWL?) Counting down the days! https://t.co/Xar5GiN1s9

Elayne Becker @ElayneABecker · Jul 31 2015

Totally awesome! And on this note, #MSWL a book in which wolves aren't evil. "First New Canine Found in 150 Years" http://t.co/gBAn1QCPCH

Elayne Becker @ElayneABecker · Jul 28 2015

I'd love to work with a clever and unique retelling of a fairy tale or myth, MG, YA, or Adult. #MSWL

Elayne Becker @ElayneABecker · Jul 16 2015

Seeking YA or Adult historical fiction, esp. ancient civilizations, wartime tales, Antebellum South, Italy or Britain in any period! #mswl