Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · 1w

Agents: I'd love to see an MG fantasy with the whimsy and brilliance of a book like JONATHAN STRANGE & MR. NORRELL #MSWL

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · 2w

#MSWL A YA novel reminiscent of Season 4 of The Wire (the one that focuses on the neighborhood kids/corner boys in the school)

Or middle grade! #MSWL

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Mar 2

Today, I heard a librarian say her Dominican-American students don't see themselves rep'd in the books they read. Let's change that. #MSWL

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Feb 17

Agents, I want to see coming-of-age YA fiction subs for existential, reflective, introspective teens. #MSWL

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Jan 20

Agents, are there any YA family crime dramas like Sons of Anarchy or Peaky Blinders out there? Send them my way! #MSWL @PhilomelBooks

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Oct 26

#MSWL speculative/futuristic YA or MG for fans of: Her, Minority Report, Ex Machina, Inception, Westworld. Trying to make this trend happen!

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Oct 7

#MSWL A YA Westworld (new sci-fi show on HBO)

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Sep 13

I would LOVE a YA about the roots of Hip Hop / NYC in the 70s / graffiti culture, a la The Get Down. #MSWL

@HeatherAlexand I had the same #MSWL . . . let me know if it ever comes your way! :)

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Sep 9

#MSWL Agents: I'd love to see YA/MG contemporary fantasy- unique worldbuilding, creative magic, fast-paced, action-packed, mult POVs a plus

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Aug 18

"I don’t understand why there isn’t more discussion around hip-hop’s literary value" #MSWL rap-related YA/MG fiction

C'mon kid lit people, I want to see an MG/YA novel reminiscent of @netflix 's #TheGetDown #MSWL @PhilomelBooks

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Aug 8

Where are the YA novels in the same vein as Serial or The Night Of, but from the POV of Adnan/Nas? Or a girl protag? #MSWL @PhilomelBooks

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Jul 25

I've said this before, but I'm doubling down on this one: A YA Mr. Robot #MSWL

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Jun 16

Happy Birthday Tupac. #MSWL a YA/MG hip hop story about a young, thoughtful, deeply passionate rapper like the great Tupac.

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · May 13

Last minute shopping

#MSWL Still looking for a YA/MG reminiscent of #TheWire ssn 4 (with the corner boys and school kids) @PhilomelBooks

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Apr 21 2016

"I don’t understand why there isn’t more discussion around hip-hop’s literary value" #MSWL rap-related YA/MG fiction

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Apr 15 2016

#MSWL YA/MG fantasy w/ Japanese shogunate-era style worldbuilding reminiscent of @AbrahamHanover 's sensational THE LONG PRICE QUARTET series

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Apr 8 2016

#MSWL STANDOUT characters who are brimming w personality! Funny, witty, self-deprecating, angry, daring, bold--to name a few desired traits.

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Mar 4 2016

#MSWL A YA novel about a kid who is chasing her/his dream of becoming a rapper.

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Feb 12 2016

#MSWL A middle-grade Ready Player One.