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Assistant Editor at MIRA Books. Lover of books, wine and Doritos--preferably at the same time.

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Michelle Meade šŸŒˆ @MichelleEllise · Oct 20

My full #MSWL is online, but right now I'm dying for a big, smart, well written Adult SFF. I'm not looking for WF.ā€¦ https://t.co/VwAq22zPOC

@laurenspieller If that #MSWL item lands on your desk, know that my inbox would be more than happy to receive it! Iā€¦ https://t.co/KSWUBLdEF9

Michelle Meade šŸŒˆ @MichelleEllise · Jul 7

Just a reminder to the AGENTS out there: I'm desperately craving some lit. Horror right now. It tops my #MSWL , so if you've got it, send it!