Whitley Abell @whitleyabell · Dec 14

2 apprentice magicians: 1 boy has real magic, 1 boy has a scheme, both fall in love THE PRESTIGE+THE NIGHT CIRCUS #PitMad #LGBTQ #F #YA

I'm so excited to welcome @mad_reynolds to my client list! I can't believe it's only two weeks since ❤️'d this pitc… https://t.co/HEg5ucXyCv

Whitley Abell @whitleyabell · Dec 5

This YA organically spoke to so many #MSWL items w/out contorting to fit, and great voice and crazy fresh spin on common premise = #querywin

Whitley Abell @whitleyabell · Dec 5

Whoa, is there anything more up my alley than a YA fem serial killer?! (No, there is not) Add a killer voice (hah!) & you've got a #querywin