Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · 5d

(And hi - check out my last name. Anyone have any good Italian-American characters who, ya know, aren't stereotypes? Thanks! #MSWL )

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · 5d

And since I'm on the topic, strong portrayals of culture/traditions & how identity informs a story as opposed to being the story. #MSWL

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · 5d

By which I mean, rom-coms, literary fiction, friendship stories, etc. WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI is a good example, but it's only a start. #MSWL

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · 5d

Random #MSWL : I'd love to see PoC in the same "quiet" stories that white characters get to live in w/out question. #ownvoices , preferably.

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · 1w

You win some, you lose some - but hopefully you make three new best friends in the process 🍾 cheers ladies πŸ’ͺ🏽 don't…

If you haven't already read this story, scroll up & enjoy! (psst... writers: #MSWL please!!!)

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · 2w

I am still closed to queries. If I specify that I'll make an exception, cool. Otherwise, hold those #MSWL -matches for when I open again! :)

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · 2w

I love Shirley Jackson because she writes about girls who arent crazy in a glamorous way, she writes about girls who are crazy, nerdy, & bad

Same. Also #mswl forever!

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · 2w

Just had drinks with @whimsicallyours & we're ready to bring back vampires, so... #MSWL (but not para-romance; preferably UF or horror!)

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · Jul 19

We need more novels that feature childfree women. Perhaps I'll write one. It's 2017. There are plenty of women who don't want to have kids.

#MSWL - childfree without it even being a question or an issue, preferably! (think Robin from HIMYM before *that* e…

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · Jun 2

Trained in a barbershop, 12-year-old Cahree Myrick becomes Baltimore's first-ever national chess champion ✊🏿πŸ₯‡πŸ†

#MSWL (MG #ownvoices ), please and thank you. :)

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · May 24

@sarahlapolla @doesntmattr I mean go big with the anthropomorphic avian drug lords or go home, right?

@LitAgentMarini @doesntmattr #MSWL

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · May 16

MSCL-inspired #MSWL - More Brian Krakow/Ricky Vasquez unlikely friendships that are delightful & awkward & anti-toxic masculinity.

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · May 15

Hungry for YA contemporary with a strong, jump-off-the-page voice & a fresh perspective that makes me cry or laugh out loud. Or both! #mswl

Same! #MSWL

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · Apr 21

Become a Deadly Misandrist Fairy Vampire: "One cauldron full of blood is one cauldron we didn’t have before!"

#MSWL (will also accept witches, obviously) πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · Apr 11

Last thing about horror: Give characters a sense of humor/sense of self before "the scary thing" happens. How do they keep/lose that? #MSWL

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · Apr 11

#MSWL Horror that's about more than just "the scary thing." Give me real people to root for & cleverly disguised social commentary.

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · Mar 29

Random #MSWL - A YA character similar to Amy from Buffy, but *after* her amazingly underrated origin story as a villain. Make her your own!

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · Mar 19

A YA about young activists--like Ocean's 11 but instead of a heist, it's an elaborate, heist-like takedown of a young alt-right group

#MSWL , please and thank you!!!

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · Mar 6

86 year old International jewel thief Doris Payne a no-show in court, judge calls for bench warrant. #11alive

#MSWL , but not a heist thriller. πŸ™ƒ