Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Jan 23

Began reading THE EYRE AFFAIR by Jasper Fforde today...and it's shaping up to be one of the best books I've read in… https://t.co/QGPYwfdiJU

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Jan 13

Diving into queries for a few hours! Looking for (Adult) #ownvoices , magical realism, literary, speculative... https://t.co/Eu7Ir0Mwte #mswl

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Jan 10

OMG, I would *love* a story about florists or horticulture or flowers --> such a fascinating life! #mswl https://t.co/fDuYNpsDII

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Jan 9

Diving into queries today with a terrible case of wanderlust. Would love to find a story with an international setting! #mswl

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Jan 6

Such a fascinating concept! Can't wait to read. And add this to my #mswl ! https://t.co/YZAjym3Bnm

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Jan 5

A new book by the author of “Moneyball” shows how, together, two psychologists made the world a better place. https://t.co/H5K1ys8Up6

Love this story! Would love to find something like this in my queries. #mswl ❤️ https://t.co/1LdsXCAKMv

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Jan 2

Awww yeah!! I'm expanding my Adult list in 2017! #mswl here: https://t.co/Eu7Ir0Mwte

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Dec 1

I love historical mysteries like this -- would love to find it in my query inbox! #mswl https://t.co/eJVuw4uoVB

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Nov 30

Diving into queries today! On the hunt for all things Adult -- Literary, Upmarket Fiction, Alt. Histories, Magical Realism, #OwnVoices #mswl

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Nov 18

If you've ever listened to Pharrell's "Happy" or JT's "Can't Stop the Feeilng" -- I want this in book in any form. We need it. #mswl

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Nov 16

(4/?) I *lurve* travel (I visited Taiwan, Japan, Germany, France & Italy this year.) Would love an Adult Adventure ms. set abroad. #mswl

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Nov 16

(3/?) Two of my fav books are The Language of Flowers and Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore. Would love to find similar mss.! #mswl

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Nov 16

(2/?) #mswl : art history, archaeology, a museum setting, horticulture, conspiracy theories, horror, speculative...

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Nov 16

(1/?) I'm specifically looking for Adult ms. with these themes: #ownvoices , literary, magical realism, adventure, alternate universe...

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Oct 20

Diving into queries this week -- would love to find an Adult magical realism, alternate history, or horror ms! #mswl

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Oct 5

On a non-political note, I'm in the mood for a good Adult magical realism manuscript a la Alice Hoffman. #mswl

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Sep 14

Meet Superhero @jltemperly , and check out her #AgentSuperpower . She is FIERCE. #TeamNewLeaf https://t.co/etSbN7JP8I

Meet my Superhero! (And shout out to @bauerpower for rocking this artwork. You're a superhero yourself...) #mswl https://t.co/paFboUGPLm

Jaida Temperly @jltemperly · Aug 2 2016

Would love to find an Adult drama ms. along the lines of #cafesociety -- lavish, historical, LA setting. #mswl