Sarah Davies


Founder & agent of children's/YA at Greenhouse Literary, based in the US & UK. Internationalist & #Remain . History lover & slave to dachsunds. Grows things.

London & New York

Greenhouse Literary

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · Mar 10

I love @lynnweingarten’s YA. Dark, twisty, sexy, stylish, lean in the writing. Totally my #MSWL - I adore suspenseful stories with fresh twists & cool structures/POVs.

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · Mar 10

Read this on my flight yesterday & loved it. Like The Science of Breakable Things, this kind of smart, perceptive, funny, poignant MG is top of my #MSWL. Thanks @CarolineAbbey!

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · Jan 5

I love the novels of @NicolaYoon & @jenniferniven. Smart, contemporary, emotionally powerful. If you're writing in this vein & have a new concept, a strong voice, do send me a query. #MSWL

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 14 Sep 2017

My #MSWL in MG or YA? A memorable voice. A fresh concept. A pitch that hooks, and writing that grips. Genre? I'm always open on that.

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 5 Jun 2017

I'd be interested to find a really sparky young chapter-book series (+ a great hook, characters) by an #ownvoices author. #MSWL

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 13 Apr 2017

I love quality writing + strong concepts & hooks + emotional resonance + diverse authors/cultures + cool POVs/structures in MG & YA. #MSWL

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 17 Mar 2017

I'm looking to fall in love with a new voice, a new story. A hook, layers, meaning; a story bigger than the sum of its parts. #MSWL

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 8 Feb 2017

Would love to see anything quirky, uncategorizable, unique. Go for it! I enjoy ambitious writing, even if it's not quite "there" yet. #MSWL

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 8 Feb 2017

Always keen to see unique YA fantasy derived from other cultures/mythologies. #MSWL

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 8 Feb 2017

I love interesting structures, perspectives, innovative ways of telling stories, which lead us to see the world in a new way. #MSWL

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 8 Feb 2017

My fave YA recently? THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR by @NicolaYoon. Love smart, diverse, new ways of portraying teen journey. #MSWL

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 8 Feb 2017

I'd love to find more rich, warm, layered, heartfelt MG - it's my sweet spot! Must have great hook, voice, memorable characters. #MSWL

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 8 Feb 2017

#MSWL A Middle Eastern writer, either fiction or non-fic, who can powerfully depict that part of the world..

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 4 Nov 2016

Always seeking YA fantasy that has roots in another culture (non Anglo-Saxon). Must be rich & different. #MSWL

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 4 Nov 2016

Wd also love to find authors with backgrounds in Scandinavia/Nordic countries or France who can write gr8 fiction evoking place/time. #MSWL.

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 4 Nov 2016

Renewing my call for a Cambodian writer . . . MG, YA? I'm interested in anything/everything.#MSWL

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 23 Sep 2016

Much enjoying THE ACCIDENT SEASON by @moirawithatrema. Just the kind of novel I love. Great writing, fresh,mysterious, a bit strange. #MSWL

Sarah Davies @SarahGreenhouse · 13 Sep 2016

#MSWL A great new YA voice & a premise that does something different. Could be any genre! History, magic mixed with reality?