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Mallory C. Brown @MalloryCBrown · Sep 12

"Why are so many people liking my old #mswl tweets?" Later... "Oh, hey, It's MSWL Day!" My old wishlist tweets stand. Still on the hunt...

Mallory C. Brown ❄️ @MalloryCBrown · Jan 19

#mswl a YA with the spirit of A STUDY IN CHARLOTTE. I was lost in the wit, the build of relationship between MCs, and the pacing.

Mallory C. Brown ❄️ @MalloryCBrown · Jan 9

write jewish stories instead of nazi stories: a novel concept for 2017

Thread... also #MSWL

Mallory C. Brown ❄️ @MalloryCBrown · Jan 4

I'd like a WF where the MC doesn't lose everything she ever worked for and has to move back to her hometown to meet guy to fix her. #MSWL

Mallory C. Brown ❄️ @MalloryCBrown · Jan 3

#mswl YA fantasy that falls into a little town, a castle, etc. Not a sprawling epic journey. I'd like magic that is known, not discovered!

Mallory C. Brown 🐿 @MalloryCBrown · Nov 9 2016

Determined now more than ever to get good, compassionate kidlit into the hands of children that will grow up under President Trump.

Brent speaks for all of us at #TeamTriada with this one. We don't know what happened, but we're going to work. #MSWL

Mallory C. Brown 🎃 @MalloryCBrown · Oct 17 2016

Magical realism is when the world is about 95% normal, but 5% magical/mystical and that magic is a totally natural part of the world.

My #MSWL always has magical realism on it and I rarely get true magical realism. Here's a helpful way to understand…

Mallory C. Brown @MalloryCBrown · Aug 9 2016

With this Olympic joy, a reminder that I love sports stories! Send your hockey, skating, gymnastics, tennis, equestrian, etc. stories #mswl

Mallory C. Brown @MalloryCBrown · Jul 17 2016

Being raised by a strong, intelligent woman taught me to be driven, confident, and kind. Where are THOSE single-parent YAs? #MSWL

Mallory C. Brown @MalloryCBrown · Apr 12 2016

What I really need is the passion/wit/emotion of The West Wing in a novel. It doesn't have to be politics... I just want that spirit. #MSWL

Mallory C. Brown @MalloryCBrown · Jan 5 2016

Give me Elizabeth/Mr. Darcy YA love, please. Please. 😻 #MSWL

Mallory C. Brown @MalloryCBrown · Oct 27 2015

I'm itching for YA! Love stories, sibling relationships, LGBT, study abroad, starting college, theatre, etc. Give me voice and wit! #mswl

Mallory C. Brown @MalloryCBrown · Aug 3 2015

#mswl I don't get enough theatre YA. I've acted since I was a little girl, so give me your plays, acting classes, auditions, etc. mss!

Mallory C. Brown @MalloryCBrown · Jul 20 2015

I would love to see a play on Russian fairytales in YA. #mswl

Mallory C. Brown @MalloryCBrown · Jun 24 2015

Sociopath as main character or important secondary character... But not in a gruesome way, you know? #mswl

Mallory C. Brown @MalloryCBrown · Jun 11 2015

I want a YA with an interesting sibling relationship that isn't just the clichéd older-sib-protecting-younger-sib storyline. #mswl