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Lydia Moed


Rights Associate & agent at The Rights Factory (@TRFNews). Japanese-English translator, diverse SFF evangelist, Brit in Toronto. I drink tea & talk about books.



The Rights Factory

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · Jul 15

More fantasy worlds where females aren't oppressed. Why does this prejudice still show up in virtually every time and universe? #RBWL

#mswl https://t.co/npQnkoeNjs

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · Jun 8

Still getting a lot of queries through #mswl that don't mention this post https://t.co/WVvDD0vfbG. Pls read before querying me this summer!

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · May 16

Putting ALL of the SFF and historical fiction from #MuslimSquadWL on my #mswl . Thanks @gildedspine and @themuslimsquad !

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · May 16

Muslim scientists. Muslim scientists. Embracing our culture in historical fiction, looking forward into space operas. #MuslimSquadWL

#mswl https://t.co/l0VTrNWw3Q

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · Apr 26

No more sexy aliens, please. And no more sexy robots, either. #mswl #reversemswl

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · Mar 29

I just updated my profile on the new #MSWL site! https://t.co/ogAm9qjrl9

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · Mar 8

Also this seems like a good day to mention that SFF by Indigenous writers is always high up on my #mswl .

Also historical fiction by Indigenous writers! #mswl #postscript #editbuttonpls

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · Mar 8

Also this seems like a good day to mention that SFF by Indigenous writers is always high up on my #mswl .

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · Mar 2

17th-Century Female Spies Smuggled Information Through Eggs and Artichokes https://t.co/maZbYUFqYk LOL

#mswl https://t.co/2KnyHMxXXA

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · Feb 17

Nonfiction writer friends: I can only find a few essays, not a book, about the human computers (women) of NASA. *That* is an opportunity!

#mswl https://t.co/eFAzOJvWAh

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · Feb 11

Marginalised voices writing space opera, steampunk, solarpunk, literary fantasy, folktale retellings and other fun SFF. #mswl

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · Feb 11

I would LOVE some #ownvoices historical fiction/historical fantasy set anywhere that is not Western Europe. #MG , #YA , #A all accepted. #mswl

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · Nov 26 2015

Areas covered by my non-fiction clients: alcohol, Shakespeare, cephalopods. Still open to narrative non-fiction on most other topics. #mswl

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · Nov 18 2015

Green ball gowns tinted with arsenic. Top hats made of mercury. Flammable crinoline. https://t.co/feajVmqbdG https://t.co/1urNtnfJfU

This is the kind of book I'd like on my non-fiction list. More weird, dark, quirky history proposals please! #mswl https://t.co/lKpXaatkbb

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · Nov 3 2015

Seriously, give me a diverse cast of women carrying out a heist and I'll see that movie 3 or 4 times at a minimum

I have the same thing but with books. #mswl https://t.co/ULNzl6dMmd

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · Jul 31 2015

Let's test this theory: I would like to read manuscripts about imaginary sports please. Real but little-known sports also accepted. #mswl

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · Jul 28 2015

I've loved reading other ppl's #mswl s today! Mine are https://t.co/IzTXDKR3xK and https://t.co/lJumXoFeX1 - mostly SFF, HF, narrative NF.

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · Jul 28 2015

History of women in the circus, 100% pop culture, investigative, and delving into their influence on the circus. #MSWL

OMG YES. If @RedSofaLiterary turns down your circus book, send it to meeee #mswl https://t.co/hoTddUYNln