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The Book Witch @KatRushall · 4d

Check out some of our witchy YA faves! (like @tinaconnolly 's #SeriouslyWicked and @stdennard 's #Truthwitch !) https://t.co/PONDHac4eE

I would add HOW TO HANG A WITCH by @AdrianaMather , THE GRACES by @LaureEve & I just finished A SECRET HISTORY OF WI… https://t.co/qa95f0JEWJ

The Book Witch @KatRushall · Oct 17

Wow. Fascinating article on "healing whispers". Ancient secrets passed down & slowly disappearing. #mswl https://t.co/kvhk0pOydq

Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · Sep 15

"Modern witches are fashionable, sexually liberated, young & often actively engaged in political activism" Yes #MSWL https://t.co/e2wH5Buv8x

Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · Sep 10

Ancient secrets passed down via women, a sacred Sea Oath, last woman to know & a daughter who doesn't want to #MSWL 😍https://t.co/PXz0hvyCjw

No, I mean it. This article is extraordinary. My imagination is lit up right now. 🙌🌊🌙#MSWL

Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · Sep 10

Ancient secrets passed down via women, a sacred Sea Oath, last woman to know & a daughter who doesn't want to #MSWL 😍https://t.co/PXz0hvyCjw

Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · Apr 13

I basically want the MG novel of this relationship, family, and setting (and the magic). <3 #MSWL https://t.co/WJ3OM4oC7d

Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · Mar 15

#MSWL Accessible, fascinating PB or MG nonfiction about whales (bonus points for orcas & humpbacks) with a hook. https://t.co/fc2ggJCWsi

Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · Mar 8

"What is a witch? Feminists, queers & activists reclaiming the identity of the persecuted outcast & edgewalker" #MSWL https://t.co/OAFieYdOen

Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · Feb 28

(cont.) And dream project if it was a Native American #OwnVoices middle grade set at the park from 1 of the Grand Canyon area tribes. #MSWL

Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · Feb 28

it's the ONLY National Park w a k-12 school on site? There's a small tight-knit community there. Kids grow up there. MG #MSWL x 1 million.

Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · Feb 1

<3 Google doodle of Edmonia Lewis, the 1st woman of African American & Native American heritage w international success as a sculptor. #MSWL

Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · Nov 7 2016

I'LL FIGHT YOU FOR IT. Though chap book or mg would be good as well. #MSWL https://t.co/CmozDiSkw4

@michellewitte True, this could def work as upper PB or MG as well. Either way = dream project. #MSWL (again, heh)

Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · Nov 7 2016

One dream project of mine is an #ownvoices nonfiction PB on Standing Rock. I want to hear & help share these voices, history, activism #MSWL

Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · Sep 26 2016

Yesss I love that people are joining in on the #threefavoritewitches action. Keep 'em coming! Also, #MSWL to all of these.

Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · Jun 30 2016

It should go without saying, but in case it doesn't, I want diverse books across all genres and ages. Strong voices that resonate. #MSWL

Agreed!! #MSWL https://t.co/Xc5SjRCwOD

Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · Jun 30 2016

Anything w/ witches. Think Fear Street, The Craft, or AHS: Coven, not Harry Potter, Bewitched, or Sabrina. Herbs & death not sparkles. #MSWL

Cosigned. #MSWL https://t.co/vHDV4PbOTj

Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · May 20 2016

Would lie down in the road right now for an MG that makes me Feel All The Things. Something with depth and heart and hope. #MSWL

Kathleen Rushall @KatRushall · May 19 2016

Remember Sarah Jessica Parker's song in Hocus Pocus? I need one of those. But less creepy. And for MG authors. MG authors, come to me! #MSWL