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Literary agent & VP at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret.

New York, NY

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Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · 6d

Why hasn't a movie already been made about this woman? https://t.co/XJbJSn176b

Or a novel written about her. *cough #mswl https://t.co/OmQGnqw7D8

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Jun 12

Also this book gave me a new word: agathokakological. "Both good and evil." Humans are agathokakological. Tell agathokakological stories.

@FondaJLee #MSWL 😁

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · May 25

For Years, She Kept Her Secret Lover In The Attic And Made Him Live Like A Bat https://t.co/WlcKS6czNX

#MSWL https://t.co/OE1xjSxUJa

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Apr 20

Guys, you want to hear something badass? There were female samurais called Onna-Bugeisha, and they fought alongside… https://t.co/XWQ3WMAIVb

#mswl https://t.co/1jKOdstua5

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Mar 29

Spiders could theoretically eat every human on Earth in one year https://t.co/ePuDgVzfwg

#MSWL https://t.co/WYssEVtI8O

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Sep 13

Oh! And I would loooooooooooove anything that bears comparison to Megan Abbott's books. #mswl

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Sep 13

And I love some amazing oddball books that defy easy categorization. Think BLACKASS. Think BOY, SNOW, BIRD. #MSWL

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Sep 13

I want to see smart sociological nonfiction, whether more cerebral (Maggie Nelson, Eula Biss) or more pop (Jon Ronson). #MSWL

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Sep 13

VERY specifically, I still want a queer historian to do a book about the friendship b/w Slyvia Riveira and Marsha P. Johnson. #MSWL

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Sep 13

I want any fresh LGBTQIA+ stories of any sort. A la my own AS I DESCENDED by @robin_talley or LOOKING FOR GROUP by @R0ryHarris0n #MSWL

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Sep 13

Oh! It's #MSWL day. I'd love to find some big intergenerational fiction. Think J. Courtney Sullivan's MAINE. Or Cecily Wong's DIAMOND HEAD.

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Sep 5

@JimMcCarthy528 this is the most amazing byline for you as an agent. I hope you put that on your business cards.

@Bibliogato "#MSWL: peer pressure and death"

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Jun 30 2016

So to summarize my #MSWL : I want everything. Give me everything.

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Jun 30 2016

#MSWL I also love closed settings (think Cabin in the Woods) and closed communities (think Under the Banner of Heaven)

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Jun 30 2016

Oh! #MSWL Can I please get a YA novel where the characters have jobs and a community of coworkers? Think Empire Records.

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Jun 30 2016

And dammit, I'm still looking for a nouveau The Group or The Best of Everything a la Commencement or Maine. #MSWL

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Jun 30 2016

#MSWL Any author who can be concise and epic at the same time. Think Yaa Gyasi's The Homecoming.

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Jun 30 2016

#MSWL Anything as weird and wonderful and thoughtful as The Lobster

Jim McCarthy @JimMcCarthy528 · Jun 30 2016

Broader #MSWL : fantasy whose settings are non-Western analogs. Funny as hell MG. Dark comedy for any age.