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literary agent at the purcell agency • acquisitions manager at @ooliganpress • bookseller • YA writer rep: @CathieHedrick • do you see a theme here?

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The Purcell Agency

Taylor Thompson @taylormegon · 2 Dec 2018

since the next #PitMad pitch party is on 12/6, I’ll be tweeting out my #MSWL as Acquisitions Manager of @ooliganpress over the next couple days, so stay tuned! please remember that this is JUST for my work at Ooligan—unrelated to my agenting work📚

Taylor Thompson @taylormegon · 5 Jun 2018

and lastly (for now), on my #MSWL, I'd love to see a spooky, modern retelling of any of the classical Mythology stories set in the PNW. Think Lizzie Bennet Diaries, but with creepy mythology characters instead. (please, someone, give me this, I NEED IT)

Taylor Thompson @taylormegon · 5 Jun 2018

sticking with my girl power theme, I also want to see some feminist #NF come my way. i want nonfiction of all kinds, but i'm really digging for a great memoir or other nonfiction work that tells me about women inventors! our women are smart and they deserve to be seen! #MSWL

Taylor Thompson @taylormegon · 5 Jun 2018

Taylor Thompson @taylormegon

hello twitter!! i am here to update you on my super-cool #MSWL. if you or any of your friends happen to have written the book of my PNW heart (by that, i mean my #MSWL), be sure to submit to @ooliganpress!! we will be participating in #PitMad this week. without further ado...

first up on my #MSWL is a girl power #YA!! give me girls who know who they are and are not afraid to show it, give me girl friend groups, girls figuring out relationships (friendships, familial relationships, etc.) i want to see some strong feminists kicking ass and taking names