Brit Hvide Busse @bhvide · Apr 20

Guys, you want to hear something badass? There were female samurais called Onna-Bugeisha, and they fought alongside…

#mswl fantasy version #ownvoices

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · Apr 18

For my #MSWL : a fantasy or science fiction novel that includes some sort of plot analogue for how/why intersectional feminism is essential

John M. Cusick @johnmcusick · Apr 18

Authors! I'm searching hard for #MG . Fantasy, contemporary, coming-of-age, you name it. #MSWL

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Apr 18

Thieves rappelled into a London warehouse in rare book heist.

#MSWL : this, but with a #SFF twist. Rare, world-changing spellbooks? Arcana from a long-lost Earth? *grabby hands*

Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller · Apr 17

A few #MSWL items on this lovely spring day... * Middle Grade -- top of my wishlist! * Diverse YA Contemp * Literary Fantasy (all ages)

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · Apr 16

LOVED The Last King (Bierkebeinerne). Anyone writing #ya #fantasy in alt hist Norway w/ WICKED CROSS COUNTRY SKIING?? #mswl

Beth Campbell @Campbele_E · Apr 13

@Campbele_E #AskAgentBeth What genres are you looking for, how can a writer stand out from the pile, and does it help to attach cat photos?

@Adam_D_Jones My #MSWL is sf/f, YA, mystery, & romantic suspense. Voice in a query makes authors jump WAY out as talented #AskAgentBeth

Beth Campbell @Campbele_E · Apr 13

#AskAgentBeth hello and congrats!!! Can you share what’s on your #MSWL for ya fantasy? What excites you? 💫

@JacyMerrill In YA fantasy I love lesser-known creatures, non-western magical systems/worlds, and characters that I…

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · Apr 12

Agents: I'd love to see an MG fantasy with the whimsy and brilliance of a book like JONATHAN STRANGE & MR. NORRELL #MSWL

Peter Knapp @petejknapp · Apr 9

#MSWL - #ownvoices YA & MG fantasy and science fiction that combine a killer concept with a ton of heart.

Michelle Witte @michellewitte · Apr 4

hey if white folks are allowed to write "greek myth inspired" fantasy, asians are sure as hell allowed to write "asian inspired fantasy."

I'd much rather see fantasy by writers from nonwhite cultures than more Greek/European fantasy that has been done t…

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · Mar 31

"Middle Grade fantasy with excellent, unique world building. High concept. Series potential."  @msmariavicente #MSWL

Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix · Mar 31

Open to queries that fit my #mswl : YA/MG fantasy, light SF, vivid settings, feminist, minority, or queer characters. Wild magic. Boldly go!

Peter Knapp @petejknapp · Mar 26

#MSWL -- YA & MG stories that deal with how previous generations shape our identity & how stories are passed down between generations.

Also related to the below #mswl - fantasy about how history insists its way into the present moment, and how histor…

Peter Knapp @petejknapp · Mar 26

In other news, Bletchley Park (place of WW2 codebreaking) is a very well-curated & fascinating place.

#mswl - YA or MG with codebreaking! Perhaps historical, perhaps realistic, perhaps sci-if/fantasy.

ellen @ellencormier · Mar 23

Raw & nuanced high-fantasy that instead of romanticizing it, honestly grapples with the loss & grief of war & rebellion #MSWL

Yes! This! #mswl