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Amanda Isabel Ramirez @AmandaIsA_Ram · May 17

In the wake of the series finale trailer, I still stand by my need to have @sense8 in #YA form #MSWL

Tiffany Shelton @TiffanyDiahann · May 16

Tiffany Shelton @TiffanyDiahann

Just finished BEHIND HER EYES by @SarahPinborough. THIS IS WHY I LOVE PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLERS. I guessed half of the twist but was still surprised at the other half. @Flatironbooks

I'm always saying how I want the next TELL ME YOUR DREAMS by Sidney Sheldon and this definitely fit that bill. Will be adding this as a comp to my #MSWL.

So agents, if you have a psychological thriller like either of these two books, send it my way.

Julia McCarthy @thejumbles · May 15

I dream of a picture book that looks and reads like a Joanna Newsom song #MSWL

Amanda Isabel Ramirez @AmandaIsA_Ram · May 13

I am obsessed with the sea and the stars. That’s all. #MSWL

Julia McCarthy @thejumbles · May 7

All these 🔥 Met Gala lewks are reminding me that anything with a Passion of Dolssa or Jeanne d’Arc vibe is very much on my #MSWL

Tiffany Shelton @TiffanyDiahann · May 3

All of these #mermay posts is really making me want a mermaid book. #mswl #YA #mermaids

Alyza Liu | 无名氏 @muguiyings · May 3

hi! i am a girl who wants to read more books set in west and central asia!
(esp. if they are supernatural/urban fantasies or historical fantasies or sweet fizzy contemporary romances)

this is a #mswl thing but also very much a "please recommend me some reading" thing

Melissa Warten @melissa_warten · May 1

#mswl - a complicated love story where the cheated-on takes down the cheater as hard as in #FirstBurn (and fills me with as much scorn and righteous anger as the line "I see how you look at my sister") 🙌🏼

Rachel Diebel 🌷 @diebelra · Apr 28

I *really* want a YA historical fiction about what a badass Isabella Stewart Gardner was #MuseumTrip #MSWL

Julia McCarthy @thejumbles · Apr 25

I really just want to work on a graphic novel about magic and friendship and #LatinX culture and identity and laughs for days #MSWL

Alyza Liu | 无名氏 @muguiyings · Apr 20

S. Qiouyi Lu 🌱 陸秋逸 🌸✨ your epicene boyfriend @sqiouyilu

@junescribbles @muguiyings haha it’s in the fitting in anthology, I have links on my site that I’m too lazy to get rn

Replying to @sqiouyilu

wait omg i think you guys will enjoy this
there’s this channel on douyin called 子昊SEVEN who does these really cute slice of life vampire/jiangshi bff shorts (which totally on my #mswl because it’s a d o r a b l e)

Alyza Liu | 无名氏 @muguiyings · Apr 19

have i ever told yall about miller?
her aesthetic is 1/2 of the lightly angsty mutual pining lesbian coming-of-age YA romance i want to read
( #mswl )

Alyza Liu | 无名氏 @muguiyings · Apr 16

things i’m missing in my life rn: fluffy cute slice of life ft. queer girls of colour (i’m manifesting this into the aether) #mswl

Alyza Liu | 无名氏 @muguiyings · Apr 15

there’s a chinese character archetype that roughly translates to “warm boy” that’s high on my #mswl — boys who are sweet, fresh, sunny, gentle, emotionally astute & considerate

no more 霸道总裁 please 🙏